I watched the beautiful orange glow

Of the sunset like I’ve always done,

It spoke to my soul like it always has

But today… It wasn’t as warm

Like it used to be with you on my side.

As I watched the sun lazily roll to sleep,

I banished the tantalizing thought

Of your arms around my waist


I listened to the rain fall like I always do,

I heard the raindrops sing the melodies

Of many love songs like they always have,

But the only song that I sang along said

That I should do my crying in the rain.

The lyrics caught in my throat.

I watched the glorious carpet

Of shiny stars and planets tonight

Some twinkled, Some blinked,

I saw a shooting star as well,

And wanted to make a wish…

But I didn’t, I closed my eyes

And my mind for the night.

They said nature has no medicine

For troubled minds, and I agree.

Nature sings along

With the song in your heart,

It multiplies our joys,

Or adds to our sorrows.

Nature gives birth to what we carry

In the wombs of our minds,

Beautiful or otherwise.

If tomorrow comes…

I will bask in the beauty of the sunset;

I will thank the memories of the past and smile

If tomorrow comes, I will dance in the rain,

Dance like nobody’s is watching…


If tomorrow comes, I will marvel at the stars…

I will neither shut my eyes nor my mind.

I will tell the stars a story…

Of a gone past,

A possible tomorrow,

And a beautiful now.

(Doe Volente)

(c) Nimo Kuria



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