Sasa waangwana, si mkubali tu maumbile ya Mungu? Nini shinda yenu


By Julius Mundia

Mrs Mbugu drives a black Harrier 3.0. She dresses in Turkey skirt suits always matching with lingerie, shoes and other accessories.
She always does her shopping in the up market malls within their leafy neighborhoods.

The children school in British curriculum schools, always making termly trips to Britain. She wants to instill British etiquette and ways of living on her kids.

Mbugu is a rich man by all standards. He owns several whisky brands only drunk in 5 star hotels and select outlets. He also owns several gated estates in the plush areas outside the city.

Recently, Mrs Mbugu was found unconscious in her stalled Harrier, along Muindi Mbingu Street. She had just left the bank after depositing 1.5M shillings, and as she was driving away, she collapsed on the steering wheel right in the middle of the busy road.

Good Samaritans rushed to her rescue and was sped to Nairobi hospital where she received instant recuperation.
When Mbugu arrived, he found his wife unconscious in hospital being fed from glucose and essential nutrients drip on her left hand…
Reason… malnutrition and starvation.

Two years ago, Mrs mbugu weighed 142 kgs but before being hospitalized, she weighed 66 kgs. At 142 kg, she looked like a true Auntie wa harrier, but extreme dieting and exercises has made her look like a hanging coat on a hanger.
She has a big body frame now denied it’s flesh. A horrible look.
Her figury well hipped daughters led Mrs Mbugu to imagine that she can be like them.

Sasa waangwana, si mkubali tu maumbile ya Mungu?
Nini shinda yenu?


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