Agatha, The Serpent’s Daughter

Agatha, The Serpent’s Daughter

By Patrick Ngugi

She could not remember where the hell she came from.

One thing was clear in her mind however. She had this strong urge to send as many men to hell as she could in her earthly life.

To all and sundry Agatha was an orphan. She never knew – never saw – her earthly parents, that is if she ever had any, as neither she, nor anyone could remember having ever seen them, leave alone knowing them.

And during her meditations, when she tried to take her mind back  in memories to as far back as she could remember,  she would always wonder as to why  her mind would bring instead, visions of slithering serpents into the mind’s eye.

Anyway, her earliest conscious memories took her to Kind Sisters of the Poor Orphanage [KISIPO]; north of Nairobi, where she remembered straying through the gates of the church sponsored children’s center and being taken in and well cared for.

She did not remember how she ended up there and where she had come from, she came to know from the sisters that on one rainy night with flashes of lightning and thunderstorm, someone had left her at the gate at an ungodly hour of the night and then disappeared into the cold and wet darkness.

She had grown up well under their care as a bright, well-mannered girl and lovelier each day as she grew through childhood and puberty and eventually young adulthood.

Despite being lovable, she never had friends

But a peculiar behavior was noted by her minders – despite being very lovable lass, she never had friends. Not that she hated anyone, but she did not allow intimacy with anyone, and she always kept to herself while girls of her age had best friends to play with and confide in.

Something else bothered her as well as her minders when she approached and reached puberty. Physically, emotionally and mentally she was growing fine, but there was this sudden apathy towards religion, and the church. Something was terribly wrong.

For some reasons, she could not comprehend the teachings, and the sermons Fr Kibunja and other priests taught, and sometimes she found herself entangled in a maze of dogma and church tradition which to her did not make sense. Sometimes she would even be surprised to find herself bursting out in laughter during a solemn occasion of the Holy Mass that would not only embarrass her but also put her in trouble with authorities.

After preliminary worries about her psychological wellbeing, and counseling by school counselors and others, a verdict was reached that Agatha was all fine. She was only different from many other youngsters but would outgrow these delinquencies as time went on and when she left puberty.

But then things did not change as they expected.

Inside, she was the same old Agatha

Yes, she managed to control the outbursts of laughter during mass and church activities, she even pretended to make a few friends in school, but inside she was the same old Agatha. She was never really close to anyone, and church and faith matters were alien and even strange to her.

By the time she finished high school and college, things started making sense. She was here on a mission. Through many lucid dreams some of which even invaded her mind when she was wide awake, she got the message loud and clear: She was on a mission to win as many souls as possible for her father… and she would do this in style.

You could not tell that she was only three decades old in this life as her vivacious body and looks made he look at least a decade younger.

Since she discovered her mission she had transported many unsuspecting men to her father and time was running against her as it was six months since she had sent another one to the next world.

Our story actually opens at Vimpric Fashion house along Kenyatta Highway, Nairobi.

Located on the 19th Floor of Vimplex Plaza, the fashion house was one of the most popular in this region of the world, specializing in latest out-of-the- ordinary fashions. It was also one of the very few houses of fashion that held regular fashion shows that attracted many stakeholders in the industry including individuals interested in new fashions.

Perhaps the most beautiful among the harem of models

And Dampish Fashion House had very pretty models, one of whom – yes, you guessed right – was Agatha Rutune. Perhaps the most beautiful among the harem of models.

Agatha was usually the centre of attraction whenever it held its fashion shows, with her smiling photos displaying her radiance prominently on the posters that advertised the next shows.

Though many admired her natural beauty and many were happy that she attracted interest to this company, they really never understood her. Even those who would have been jealous – or envious of her success did not know whether to loathe her or not as they simply did not understand her.

This was because Agatha neither had a close friend nor foe. She was nice to everyone but wouldn’t get close to anyone and would rather keep to herself.

Girls talked behind her back and giggled and smiled in front of her, pretending to be friends – the men who had tried to woo her had failed miserably and let her be.

Lusty Kimwana had been nicknamed ‘Casanova’


But this only lasted until Lusty Kimwana arrived into the scene.

Lusty Kimwana had been nicknamed ‘Casanova’ by his friends when he was in high school due to his prowess in ‘boxing’ even the most difficult lasses.

Lusty joined Vimpiric as a marketing consultant recently after leaving Nucato Cosmetics to try his hand in selling fashion. But that wasn’t his main aim.  His main motivation to moving to Vampric was Agatha.

After attending almost every fashion show since he discovered Agatha about six months earlier and failing miserably to befriend her, he decided that the only way to woo this beautiful woman was to work from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

He was going to get a job at Vimpric Fashion and try to win her heart from within. But woe to him … it would be Agatha who would capture his soul.

His bosses at Nucato Cosmetics reluctantly let him go, after failing to lure him to stay even after offering him so much cash in form or an increment. His eyes were focused on winning Agatha.

As if fate had laid out everything for him, it wasn’t difficult for the directors of Vampric to give him a job. He was a maverick marketer, and they knew that with Lusty Kimwana in their team… Vimpric fame and fortune would soar even higher.

Shortly after he settled down, he made his real intention known to his old friend Jack Kirunja who was in the marketing department with him.

 “You are either nuts, or you know something that we don’t’’

“You must be nuts,” Kirunja told him with a chuckle. “You left such a promising career at Nucato because of Agatha?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Lusty had asked with a sneering self-assured smile.

“You are either nuts, or you know something that we don’t; but listen to me – you don’t know Agatha. She’s not the type to win easily. You know that… You’ve tried her before…”

“I know. But then I was doing it from the outside… now I am a part of the team… I know what I’m doing. Just give me a few weeks.” Lusty had said.

“You really love her, don’t you?” Jack asked.

“I really do…” said Lusty his eyes starring past Kirunja absentmindedly as if a spell had been cast on him.

“Okay… I wish you all the best,” Jack had told him.

Do I really love her or I just want her for my conquest? Lusty found himself thinking. And he shook his head gently and smiled… Does it matter? I want her!

Despite initial challenges in wooing Agatha, he finally made it, surprising everyone when she warmed up to Lusty. Soon they would be seen a laughing together, having snacks at the company canteen and even taking lunchtime strolls together… something never seen before as Agatha had been a loner in all the time they had known her.

“We do dinner and then we go to her apartment for the night.”

Then one evening about three weeks later, Lusty came to see Jack smiling ear to ear.



“Tonight…we are spending the night together. I told you I’d win her.”


“Yes. We do dinner and then we go to her apartment for the night.”

“Why not your place?”

“That was the condition she placed and I obliged. You see I’d go crazy if I don’t get that woman.”

“Wow – you are another one… No wonder they call you Casanova.”

Lusty slapped Jack gently on the back and left smiling.

That evening, to everyone’s amazed amusement Lusty and Agatha were seen leaving together in Lusty’s Pajero.


At 7.30 the next morning, Agatha arrived at Vampric Fashions offices and went straight to her desk. The morning guard was surprised to see her that early but didn’t think twice about it. After all she was a member of staff and one very sought after model.

Agatha switched on her computer and wrote an email to her immediate boss. She reread it and then sent it. Then took the few personal items that were in the drawer, left and smiled at the guard as she passed at his sentry box.

Agatha switched on her computer and wrote an email to her boss

At 10 am Lusty had not arrived at work and Jack started wondering what the problem could be. Funny enough Agatha was also nowhere to be seen. Could they still be at her place entangled in love making bliss, Jack wondered with a mischievous grin.

But at 11 am it became clear that there was something wrong with both Agatha and Lusty. It became even more confusing when the guard reported that Agatha had arrived very early that day but had left a few minutes later.

Then the bombshell came when the Display Manager got Agatha’s email.

It simply said:

Dear Merceline,

 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my soul for giving me opportunity to serve in this company. However, time for me to move on has come and I have to leave now since higher mission beckons. Sorry for being so abrupt but I have no alternative. I therefore forfeit all my severance pay and commissions.

Yours, Agatha Rutune.

Merceline Kwamboka and everyone else at Vampric Fashion were at a loss to what was happening. How could she resign the morning after she went on a first date as far as they knew; and again why hadn’t Lusty arrived? To make matters worse they never picked their calls and again no one knew where they lived so that a follow up could be effected.

The management had no alternative but report the matter to police two days after Agatha left employment and Lusty failed to report to work. After investigations, police found no one at Agatha’s and Lusty’s flats. Neighbours said they hadn’t seen them for days.

Three months later no one was talking about it

Three months later no one was talking about it, but no one had forgotten the strange happenings of two love birds that literally disappeared into thin air. The young, beautiful, lovable but mysterious difficult to get model and the self-confident and self-opinionated Casanova.

But the story does not end there…

Six months later Lusty Kimwana reappeared.

At first you could not recognize him if you met him. He was in faded dirty pajamas; his hair and beard was unkempt and dirty as it appeared he had not taken a bath for those six months. He had no shoes on and his feet were cracked and dirty and looked as if they were full of jiggers.

He kept on mumbling incoherent words as he walked the streets, his eyes staring into the horizon as if he was seeing a horrifying invisible world. He had lost his mind, body and soul. He had dated the Serpent’s daughter.

The End

©Patrick Ngugi 230215




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