By Mwaniki Muriuki

My man he is my supreme cistern

A well whose water is my everlasting drink

He is my forever fountain

A spring from whom all my thirsts are quenched

A peaceful stream for my forever deep and bath

My man is my man and mine all, I am not sharing him with anyone!

He is mine alone a calm cataract and not a public square cascade


He is my roaring Mara maned lion

And I am his growling lovely lioness

He is my magnificently antlered, surveying elk buck

And I am his carefree gracefully grazing dear deer

He is my pride and my ego!

A treasure of my youth, I will grow old with him!


He is my glorious king from whom I earn my queenship

My highness honour and my majesty crown

He is my knight and my truest confidant

In him I am assured of indisputable loyalty and nobility

He is my valiant warrior, my caretaker and my protector

With valour he fights for me, for my safety and my levity!


He is my vineyard, my orchard: a fruits field

A harvest for my pure and mature wine

From his golden groins comes a sufficient breath-

A strength adequate for my forever nourishment!

A honey hive, a vat for my purest and sweetest satisfy

He is a meal for my hunger, a smoothie for my soul


He is my grape vines, my gentle shoots

And I am his forever flourishing tender olives

From my blessed bosom he finds always a meal suitable

And sufficiently served for his appetite

Godsend manna for his forever sustenance!


He is my fragrance and my forever embrace

He is my flower, my sweetest smell!

From him I enjoy my delicacy and my piquancy

His ardour and odour are my intoxication and my satisfaction!

He is my aroma, a forever filled oil jar for my infinitely burning lamp



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