I did not know loving you so much could turn to this,

I don’t know when this love turned to jealousy,

I don’t know when I became this dangerous,

That I could kill to keep any other woman away from you,

I broke all your relations,

Family, friends, women and men alike,

Now they avoid you like a plague,

For they fear what I would do to them.

I’m sorry I allowed myself to be consumed by love,

It overtook my mind and will,

It turned into fear and obsession,

I could not fathom a life without you,

I could not imbibe the thought of losing you.

I have learnt my lesson,

I have learnt to control myself,

Night after night,

I have cried myself to sleep,

I will do all I can to keep away from your friends,

I will make it up to you, I promise,

We have built this for years,

Please don’t trash it yet,

I have changed for you,

I promise I have,

Just give me another chance,

And I will prove to that you were right,

When you chose to love me when you did,

You won’t regret.

©Anita W.


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