How long shall we weep? As we dig the ground deep


By Muriki Meeme

The illness claiming lives of many
This is alarming state of  emergency
Answer for cancer is everyone’s worry
In this twenty first century
As I share this sad story

From mortuary to the sanctuary
My eyes remained wet and teary
On my way to hospital
I became so emotional
Feeling weak and unable
Forcing  myself towards the funeral

I saw my little sister in sorrow
The ground crowd was all dull
I could not recognise a plastic smile
Few ones spoke in low tone
The silence ended to the coffin

Doctor had said it already
It is a pity and we are sorry
We tried but he passed away
You can just ferry the body
To bury the gone-away

It was a short difficult journey
In such very sorrowful day
As we bade goodbye
One member of our family
Whom cancer had taken away

All eyes on the key leadership
They are our only left hope
How long shall we weep?
As we dig the ground deep
As we rise up, and as we sleep
When this can be put to stop

We need to find answer for cancer
Let’s not underrate it like influenza
Lets not talk only about extravaganza
For a survivor shall become become a happy dancer
As they recite this poem stanza by stanza

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