You lived your life to the fullest,

We had all the fun we could,

We sang and danced,

Drunk to short, but happy life.


You never left anything to chance,

Not even Chemo could wipe off

That sweet smile from your lovely face,

Being happy was your life motto.


When life throws lemons at you,

Enjoy iced lemonade, you would tell us,

When your hair could not hold any longer,

You decided to go bald.


We all followed suit and went bald,

You were happy and mad at us at the same time,

Happy we did it to show our endless support and love for you,

And mad because you wanted to stand out,

But nonetheless you did, for

None of us could match your natural beauty.

Bald beauty became your name.


You were a strong woman,

Nothing could ever keep you down,

You fought for what you believed in and stood by it,

However crazy it seemed or sounded.


I cannot regret the life we spent together,

It was short yes,

But every minute is worth remembering,

Every second I so cherish.


I hold onto the memories,

Beautiful memories with beautiful people,

For both our honorable and mischievous deeds,

We still laugh and smile at the mention of your name.


I know you are happy wherever you are,

I know you are smiling down at us,

You laugh and cry with us,

Yes you left us,

Yet in our hearts you’ll always be there.


For the record, I intend to keep our style,

To show and prove what you truly believed in,

“Beauty is not in the hair”

And if you must know,

I turn a lot heads.

©Anita W.


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