Baya Osborn

My name is Osborn Baya. I was born on 24th December, 2001 in Mombasa, Kenya. My name, Osborn, is English and means “Divine bear”. The English Os means God while born means bear in Norse. It was influenced by the Old Norse Ásbjørn. I was named after Tommy Lee “T.L” Osborn (December 23, 1923 – February 14, 2013). I am a funny, talkative, social and active person. My hobbies are writing and Bibliophilism. My best animal is a cat. My goals are to be a renowned poet and writer in my career and I always dream of being William Shakespeare. My favourite poem is Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare which mainly talks about love. In the poem, he is talking about the constancy and permanency of love. It says that true love is everlasting and not swayed by anything temporal or metaphysical. I can be reached at –


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