Benson Kasuti

Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. Benson Kasuti is an enthusiast who sees art in everything. He is pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Education (Kiswahili & Geography) at Kenyatta University. He is a peer counselor and a mentor who believes in hope and humanity, this has seen him hold various positions throughout his life journey. Writing is something he fell in love with at a very tender age since it gives him comfort and solitude. He literally reads anything he comes across and is a huge fan of nature. Most of his works revolve around the realities of life in our world today. He is an upcoming author of both English and Kiswahili pieces. He can be


By Benson Kasuti But do I say I am also seeing a smile But does it pay? Or its just happiness for a while   I admit I was wrong…