Something imminently bad must transpire


By Baya Osborn

Change or vicissitude

Awfully reassuring in its tidy reliance

Something imminently bad must transpire

Is it the enacting pain of Xenophobia?

Is it Nairobi and Lusaka?

Or is it Wuhan being pandemic? It is it is!

Catastrophic, inherent evil

A tragedy more than destructive

Turned fears to tears

Of its imbecile optimism

City streets being mild; wheels mortal

Unasked, an aftermath of emotional quality

Looms and dooms

Is it to raise the mortality rate;

And strangle the struggles of birth?

Which many a times

A journey of a smile licks the lips and dances to the eyes.


But this transmutation

Has enacted an adventure of laughter which opens the

mouth and tickles the throat,

Bringing forth

Calm, still, content and silence

Its aftermath, a cynical abandonment of


Contemplation and curiosity turned to reality

The fate of the world, ahead of us by a small word

And this transition has brought forth reality

Alleviating us from more painful transitions.


Wuhan, exultant vast change

Wanting cleaning and distancing

Nairobi and Lusaka in commission; high

Though it is an Apocalypse, channel surfer

Where many lament, losing!

Sickness or sorrow

Upon the life that fades, flickers and dies

It has brought unity

Transcending to togetherness

The world being fold

Like those who wedded men with rings of Druid gold

Will you then mould

To better,

For the world has changed to the latter.

Where are you?

(c) Baya Osborn


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    1. Baya Osborn

      Thanks Roozi

  1. Baya Osborn

    The power of this penning, an exultant vast change. An inspiration to all.


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