Carelessness can be a suicide


By Muriki Meeme

When I’m in a bumpy ride
There’s no pride by my side
Especially when you over-speed
Open your eyes very wide
Carelessness can be a suicide
Well, fate has secrets to hide
Look right left right then cross
From roundabout to a bypass
Arriving when safe and sound
Is the ideal thing in my friend
For the love of life
Please, don’t drink and drive

When travelling for pleasure
Let’s enjoy the scenery leisure
Mr driver stay sober like a barber
Don’t drive under pressure
As you drive your expensive car
Make sure everything is clear
Moving changing gear by gear
Beware of other road users
The way is not only yours
Do not take it for granted
Even animals get stranded
Negotiating the busy street corners
Observe that mama hawking bananas

Think about the occurrence of accident
Do not assume things and take chance
Do not judge the distance
No matter how short it is
Sometimes eyes tell lies
Even birds that fly in the skies
May miss the branch when perching
Everyone’s safety is what really matters
Prevention is better than cure

Seated behind the steering wheel
Don’t assume everything  is well
You’re not operating a posho-mill
Engine with full oil and fuel
May also crack as well
Do take your full control
Not to endanger any soul
Breaking traffic rules
Ignoring road signals
It is committing a crime
Slow down in a bump
Go slow in a jam
You will still overcome
Take a little more time
You’ll still reach home


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