But I Can’t

But I Can’t

Words become unnecessary

Whenever we are together

For our eyes, our touch, our smile

Communicate nothing but love

Saying we can’t live without us


But I can’t

I can’t let this feeling

Engulf me

I can’t let this nagging mood

Teleport us

To romantics fools’ paradise

No my dear, I can’t


You cry, you weep, you wail,

For me to take you

But darling I cant

Why don’t you see?

That we don’t have the freedom

To have us the way we crave?


Please dry your tears my dear

And return to your loved one

And let me go back home

For she is there waiting for me


Though your hug is strong and sweet

And Id wish to be lost in it

You know as I do, that it won’t work

Cos I won’t let this feeling engulf us

I can’t let this thing grow and take us

To where we don’t belong

No my dear, I can’t


Open your eyes wide my dear

And see we why we can’t give in

Without hurting the ones

We profess to love

The ones for whom

We shunned the world


That’s why we can’t have us

For when we do we’ll lose them

And us




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