By Jeddy Ohanga

Blending In

Next day I woke up in a strange but beautiful room painted in lime and orange. I was alone on a large bed neatly tucked in like a new born child. I was in pink lingerie. On a stool beside the bed was my clutch bag which I had bought on the streets for just 200 bob, but you’d think it was imported directly from Dubai (read dubei) Mall.

Next to it were my gold coated earrings and, necklace. My watch and a bottle of half full/half empty viceroy were also there. I smiled cheekily as last night’s scenes flashed across my mind. Obviously I wasn’t in my house and it wasn’t a hotel either. Where was I, at Corrine’s? Or was this a house I rented overnight… You see when you are drunk, you can do a lot of things that you wouldn’t remember the next morning. I was still battling it out as to where I was when the door slightly opened and there she was, the girl from the club…..The mighty Corrine herself.

“I can see you are awake. Good morning,” she said with a wide smile. I had no option but to be nice and smile back. I had a massive hangover but at least I wasn’t drunk. I said hello and asked her how we ended up in her house and not mine.

She said I was too drunk to give directions to my house and that immediately we entered her car I blacked out and she had no idea where to take me. She took care of my bill and I owed her around 4k. Immediately she mentioned the cash, I took my clutch bag to remove the cash which I knew was slightly less than 4K but she stopped me.

“You don’t have to pay me now, let’s get you fully sober and then we can have a chat. There must be a reason behind your behaviour last night and I want to help you.” She said sitting beside me on the bed. Why was she being so nice to me yet we were strangers? I wondered. I had to be careful what I told her. But again I had to share my pain with someone and right then she was the only audience I had.

You need to talk it out with someone

“I am grateful for what you did to me and thank you so much, but I am sorry you can’t help me at the moment. I have to deal with this pain on my own. If maybe I threw up in your car, I am willing to clean it up,” I said sadly.

“You didn’t throw up anywhere and that is not how you deal with pain. Alcohol has never healed anything or anyone. You need to talk it out with someone. Trust me, I won’t judge you. I am a woman like you and maybe I have been through worse. This is my parents’ house. They both died in a road accident three years back and I was left alone with no siblings since I am an only child.

‘’The man who was to marry me turned out to be married already. When seducing me he had no ring and swore to me that he was single to his bone marrow. Three months down the line I found out he was married with three boys, but I was already in love, we are still together but platonically. I was in the club with a bunch of crazy friends of mine just to feel alive. Girl you are not the only one going through something, we all are.”

And after that maiden speech from my new found friend, I poured my heart out to her. I spoke like a radio with a broken on/off switch and on high volume. I cried like never before. I wanted to heal so badly and if it meant talking to her would help, then I had no qualms with that. As we were speaking a message came through my Samsung Note 2 (I have to mention the make, some of you might conclude that it was a Nokia 3310).

When I checked, it was from Jason… all the way from USA. I read it with bated breath expecting him to say he was back home and had come for me. “Sweetie, I hope you are well. I miss you”. I threw the phone on the bed and continued to talk to Corrine hysterically.

It is well Jade, time heals everything

“The guy is not even saying sorry for hurting my feelings, he is texting of how much he is missing me. How mean, how inconsiderate? He thinks I am made of steel. I desperately need to get him out of my system but how my dear, how? I loved him with every fibre in my body, with every hair on my skin and to the core of my being. My life revolved around this man, he was my world, if he coughed, I coughed; if he sneezed I sneezed too, we were in sync. Almost like twins, damn him!” I cursed.

“It is well Jade, time heals everything. He has gone and never coming back my dear. There is nothing you can do, cry all you want, mourn as if he is dead and move on. Don’t let his absence deny you the happiness that you deserve. You are a beautiful woman, someone better will come along, hold on to the good memories or the good times you shared but don’t be bitter. I am here, yes we are strangers but I will walk this journey with you. Just allow me to.” She said holding my hands.

“That is easier said than done. Can I go to my house please? I don’t think you can help me” I said and stood up to leave. I didn’t want to hear the nonsense she was telling me of letting go and moving on. She didn’t know how torn my heart was. She had no idea what I had lost. Jason and I were meant to be together forever and now he was gone. And she expected me to just drop it like a hot potato and move on…the hell! Was she nuts?

She let me take a shower, gave me one of her pencil jeans and a sweet black vest to wear. Then she dropped me to my house. How noble, she was a sweet girl, I liked her, but I didn’t need her friendship. All I wanted was to cry, cry and cry until I had no more tears left. I thanked her for her kindness and she told me to keep the clothes since they looked good on me. I didn’t reply to that. We exchanged numbers and I watched as she reversed and drove off.

I will be fine once Jason comes back

Once in my house I looked for Jason’s clothes and packed them in a bag and threw them under the bed. They included 4 jeans trousers, six T-shirts, 2 boxers and 3 handkerchiefs. I broke the bottle of cologne he had left with me and threw it in the dustbin. I went to my phone gallery deleted two of his photos but couldn’t continue. I still needed his face. I slept the whole day nursing my hangover, listening to Celine Dion’s songs and crying myself to sleep on and off. I wanted to sleep and never wake up. Love is supposed to be beautiful not painful. It is supposed to soothe not hurt!!

That evening Corrine called. She wanted to know how I was doing. I assured her that I was fine. She didn’t believe me though.

“I hope you are not drinking again. Please let me help you through your pain,” She begged.

“And who do you think you are madam, Jesus? Why do you care so much about me and you don’t know me. I won’t cry forever. Now can you leave me alone please! Stop insisting coz it is annoying?”

“I don’t have to know you to care. You need a friend and I am here for you”

“Get a life. I will be fine once Jason comes back. He will be back for me, that I know”

“Stop lying to yourself. You are delusional. The guy is gone. Please dress up I want to take you somewhere”

“He he he, you are something else. Where do you want to take me, heaven?”

“Yes, something like that only that it is a heaven on earth. Come on girl this is a challenge”

We listened to soft rock all the way

And just like that Corrine won my heart. I realized I needed a friend to help me through the healing process. That night we had a long drive to Malindi. In the car Corrine told me all about her bad luck with men. How they always just walked away without a word and avoided her like the plague. The first few times she blamed herself thinking that she was cursed or wasn’t good in bed or caring enough, but later she realized that she was only dating players, bad boys. She decided to take a break and get her life together. She had dated her current man for two years but he also had started showing signs of chickening out claiming his wife was suspicious. Maybe men didn’t like the fact that she had it all together, she lacked nothing as her parents left her with enough not to beg from anyone. But all she wanted was true love, not wealth. We talked about so many things and I realized she was one of a kind.

In Malindi she booked us in a hotel where we had dinner, then later toured the small town sampling the night clubs. By the time we were going to bed, I was feeling a lot better. Next day we left for Mombasa. We listened to soft rock all the way, singing along, laughing loudly and stopping whenever we saw something nice to take a photo. After that trip it was me and Corrine; Corrine and I. I had found a friend and together I kicked Jason out of my life to the lions. I was finally free from pain, agony, loneliness and despair. I was fresh and happier.

Corrine took me for evening rides, she rang me almost daily. We dined together; once in a while we went to church just to be in touch with God to open for us doors for good relationships. Before I knew it, we had been friends for two years. We had lots of fun, sleepovers at hers and sometimes at mine. We cooked meals together and sometimes just lay around watching movies, especially horror ones. I loved her company a lot. She was a godsend. Sometimes she surprised me by picking me up from work and dropping me home. I even joked with her that she was acting like my boyfriend…

”No Jade, I just want to see you happy and moving on. That’s what true friends do” she assured me. Things went on well on between us, occasionally we had differences, got mad at each other but never let it affect our friendship. We would then talk things out and apologize. In my mind, she was a replacement for Jason but not in ‘that way’. I learnt a lot from her about life, men, pain, business, love, relationships and many more. Corrine was outgoing, outspoken, wild, naughty and fun to be with. She adored and cared for me so much until I met Denzel.

Then everything changed.

Watch out for Part Three










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