Along Came Denzel…

By Jade Gibbs Ohanga

It was one of those random weekday nights when you just come from work and decide to go to a club and relax your mind. I rang Corrine to join me but she declined saying she was meeting her man. She suggested a hook up that weekend. That was okay with me and I told her I was going to the club anyway. I needed to release some work related tension.

The club was on my way from work and near my house.  I wasn’t going to get drunk; after all I had healed and no longer needed alcohol to get over Jason. In the club I took a corner seat where I could see people come in and go out.

I ordered for a glass of red wine and three samosas to fill my almost empty stomach. Music was good, cool sentimental love songs, at some point Jason crossed my mind and I just smiled at the thought of him and what we had. No more tears, just fond memories of him and me. I never thought that I could get over him. For sure time heals all wounds even though the scar might remain as a reminder. I was lost in thought, smiling at the photos of me and Jason in my gallery when I saw a shadow standing right in front of my table.

“Good evening beautiful” he said and I looked up slowly expecting to see someone worth getting rid of easily. Saliva filled my mouth and I had to swallow it fast before choking.

“Good evening” I replied with a coarse voice. No words crossed my mind at that moment to describe him. He wasn’t the ordinary tall, dark and handsome man that women are used to. This one was out of this world. He was charming……..someone you couldn’t stop looking at. He was a beautiful man! Handsome would be a huge understatement. I had to close my eyes twice, and open to see him properly and be sure that he was human. Cute, juicy, munch-able!

“Are you alone or waiting for someone” he asked politely.

“I am alone” I replied confidently.

I am sorry for taking your seat

“I come here every Wednesday to chill and this is my spot. When I came in I was shocked to see it occupied. No crime as long as you allow me to join you.”

“I am sorry for taking your seat but you see this is a public place and no name is written on any chair and the table is not reserved either”

“I know and I am not complaining. So can we share it just for the evening please?

“Must you sit here?”

“Yes I must and I would love for you to stay here with me because I like your eyes,” he said and smiled. The white shiny teeth almost knocked me off my seat. How can a man be this perfect? I quickly looked at his clothing, the belt, watch and finally the shoes…..’’ amazing

“Really, is that a pick up line because I am not here to hook-up with anyone”

“Neither am I. But I do appreciate nature. Kindly let’s just enjoy the evening together without any friction. I am a gentleman and I believe you are a lady”

“My goodness, okay Mr…….”

“I am Denzel, but not Washington the actor, though we somehow have a lot in common”

And that is how I met Denzel, another wonderful man who swept me off my feet that same night. Controlling the heart can be so difficult and that is why my mama always told me to learn loving with my head, but that has never happened.

Denzel was easy to talk to, very gentle with words. He was alluring and unique. He had all the tiny qualities that I always looked for in a man. We clicked instantly.  He had a sweet laughter that made me laugh even more. He made my night and when it was time for me to leave, he didn’t want me to.

Give me your number I will call you

He begged me to stay a little longer but I refused. We were both there for the same reason, to relax our minds after a busy day, mine was already relaxed and it was time to go. I needed to leave to avoid being carried away and make a fool of myself. I had to play hard to get for a few hours.

“Can we meet again, maybe over the weekend for a drink?” he suggested.

“Of course, give me your number I will call you” I said.

“Why don’t you take mine and give me yours just in case you forget to call” he suggested.

“You are tricking me now, but it is okay, take my number and make sure you call because if you don’t I will have my lawyer sue you for what I am yet to find out,” I said and we both laughed at that dry joke.

“I like you already, I will call”. He concluded and I left.

My relationship with Denzel kicked off exactly three years after Jason packed his bags and left me like I was not lovable, his loss. I couldn’t believe I would fall in love again, my heart was still in tatters but at least it was still performing its main functions. I told Denzel everything about my past relationship and how it ended.

It’s the reason I wanted things between us to be on a snail’s pace. I wasn’t in a hurry for the void to be filled. I wasn’t in a hurry for my heart to be patched up afresh, yes I had healed but I was still scared of loving so deeply. I didn’t want my heart tossed and kicked like a ball again. I wanted a penalty that would land in the net and stay there.

Corrine quickly noticed my many absences

You see, I am the type who loves wholeheartedly. I treat a relationship like a job. I adore baby love. I give it my all, even if we have differences in between, we sit and talk about it and move on. There was something very unique about Denzel, he loved surprising me with small gifts, easy and relaxing evenings just the two of us at his place. He didn’t push me into anything. Our first kiss was three months after we started going out. And it was a hot kiss that made me tremble like a loose leaf. In fact it scared me a little, if his kiss made me feel that way, what of the major activities. I kept my cool. I never showed him any signs of “bring it on”!

For some time I kept Denzel as a secret. I didn’t tell Corrine about him. I wanted to be sure that Denzel was right for me and my tattered heart. He was working and at the same time doing his Master’s degree. In all that, he still had time for me. No day passed without him calling, or passing by my place or inviting me to his house.

Corrine quickly noticed my many absences in her life and many excuses not to see her. One evening she came to my house uninvited and same day Denzel was to pass by. Still I had not mentioned to her about my new found investment. We were busy chatting and updating each other on our daily lives when there door-bell rang. My knees got weak.

“You were expecting someone?” she asked with a funny look on her face. She was used to me being alone all the time. She was the only person who visited my house more often.

“Yes, a friend of mine was to pass by. In fact it is good that you are here, I want the two of you to finally meet” I said and left to go answer the door.

With love you have to take risks

Once Denzel came in I introduced the two of them. I told Corrine Denzel was a friend because I still wasn’t sure what I wanted with him. They shook hands and I saw the sentimental look Corrine gave him. It was no normal look, it was the kind of a look you give a guy you want to “hit and run”. I noted that look in my mind for any future occurrences. We all sat down and there was an awkward moment of silence. I excused myself to go and fix Denzel a drink. Corrine followed me in the kitchen and attacked me with questions as to who Denzel was. I insisted he was a good friend I had met and was getting to know.

“And why is he in your house if he is just a friend?” she asked with anger and that really got into my nerves. That was my house.

“Because this is my house and any one I feel should come will come at my invitation. Denzel is a good guy and I am getting to know him” I replied her with a heavy tone.

“It seems you enjoy your heart being broken.”

“Nobody enjoys that. With love you have to take risks. You can’t know a good or bad man until you get to know them more and deeply. Jason was a good man who treated me like a queen, but destiny separated us. It wasn’t meant to be. Can you stop lecturing me please?”

“In short you and Denzel are dating already. How did you meet him anyway? These handsome men will be the end of you Jade” she blurted out and I wasn’t amused.

“How I met him doesn’t matter, I have been hurt and I learnt my lesson. If he walks away now or ten years to come, I will heal and move on, but I like him and intend to have him in my life as long as it lasts. Hopefully it will last till death do us part.”

I can see you are already in love

“I don’t like this at all Jade. I don’t like it at all,” she said throwing her hands in the air as if she had paid a dowry of broilers to my parents.

“Corrine, you are my friend and I love you so much. But you can’t control my feelings towards other people. You are supposed to guide me not discourage me. What you have to know is that a break up won’t kill me. I know how to handle my heart. I won’t come to you crying that Denzel has dumped me or it’s over. I will share with you what has happened but I will deal with it squarely”

“I can see you are already in love. But just be careful, take things slow with him. He is too handsome and such guys are very sly,” she said and I thanked her for that flat advice. Denzel wasn’t the first handsome guy in my life. Jason was equally cute and we lasted for years. If my blood attracted such, then I had to learn how to deal or handle them. Denzel was intelligent and calculative in what he said. He wasn’t the show off type even though he was learned and had achieved a lot at his age. I liked him and I decided to let God guide my heart. Corrine was a no issue when it came to how I felt at that moment.

He stayed with us for an hour and we had general conversation touching on various issues affecting our country. We also talked about the English premier league. He was a football fan and so was I, something Corrine had no idea of. Names like Manchester United or or Aresenal sounded like Greek to her. I saw her concerned look as we talked of Messi, Cristiano, Neymar and many others and I quickly changed the topic to music and movies.

Denzel’s eloquence was tickling; he spoke with cleanliness, not throwing words here and there like a lunatic. When time for him to leave came, I saw him off to the door. He planted a hot kiss on my lips, said bye and promised to call me later. Corrine still insisted on knowing how I met him, and I told her we bumped into each other on the streets and he stopped to apologize and later invited me for coffee…and the rest was history.

You are being unrealistic and unfair

“Is he the reason you have not been honouring our dates?” she asked and I was offended. She was behaving as if I was a tool, like every time she screamed, I had to fly to her. If she coughed I had to respond, no my way! I told her despite us being friends, I also had my own life to live and at times I needed a “me” time.

“I don’t think you should avoid me just because you have met someone you think is for you, furthermore you don’t even know him well,” she insisted on rubbing the issue in.

“You are being unrealistic and unfair. I don’t spend 24/7 with Denzel. I have a job and I have my own life to live. I will see you when I can and also see him when possible. But be rest assured that 80 per cent of my free time will be spent with him coz I have to know him better.

‘’It doesn’t mean you will be no longer my friend. Kindly understand and don’t push me into choosing who is who to be in my life,” I told her and she didn’t reply. She asked me to see her off.

Two days later she rang me and requested I go for dinner at her house. I told her I was to meet Denzel after work. “You can come with him because my man will be here too”. I had no option but to accept. When I told Denzel about it he hesitated but later accepted as long as we will be out of there by 10:00pm.


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