By Jeddy Gibbs Ohanga

Dinner was a mess, Corrine had set me up. Her man had come with a business associate. This guy was all over me like blue on sky. His questions and statements were all directed to me. Any layman would know that he was either hitting me on me or trying to annoy Denzel.

He insisted on serving me food, pouring me a drink. He asked me so many uncouth questions like I was a hooker. It was a trap but Denzel acted like a gentleman. He totally ignored everyone and enjoyed his food like it was his last meal on earth.

After we left, I texted Corrine and told her off. I told her that was the last dinner I was having at her place because I didn’t like how her guest behaved and I pointed it to her that the behaviour was stage managed either to make me look vulnerable or to intimidate Denzel. She denied everything saying she wasn’t aware that the guy was so foolish, that she too told him off after we left. I didn’t believe her. If she did that, she could have immediately apologised to me but she waited until I texted.

I avoided her for three days, no texts and no calls and I guess guilt was eating her because she never communicated either. Meanwhile Denzel and I were having a good time getting closer and closer. He checked on me daily, whether I was well, had eaten, and if I had any issue that needed his attention. He sent me cash without me asking and always said it was for my upkeep. He took me out for dinner and dancing and rides and walks. We never got intimate until two and a half months later.

Memories of Jason started to totally fade away

And I can say….. I was impressed. He was the one, we connected, and our blood groups intersected and didn’t clot. We had differences but nothing kept us apart. We apologised to each other, joked, teased and at times just kept silent in each other’s arms.

Eight months down the line and memories of Jason started to totally fade away. I was in love again with a man who respected me and loved me for who I was. Whenever I was wrong he corrected me with respect, he never scolded or shouted at me.  Apart from being lovers we were best friends too. There was nothing I couldn’t tell him, however painful or ridiculous it was. If not spending a night together, we chatted till late hours.

Corrine and I were back to communicating but not as it used to be. She could call telling me she missed my company a lot and I responded with a cold “likewise”. One weekend she organised for us to spend some time at a beach hotel with her cousins who had come from Nairobi. Denzel didn’t mind, he told me it would be good for me to take a break from him and enjoy with the girls. We were in the same town and he would be free to come and give me a hug just in case I needed one out there. Denzel was a gem…….a very sweet gem.

That Saturday evening he dropped me at the hotel and left. Corrine’s cousins were fun to be with. They were free minded and so full of life. They were not stuck up and cold like I expected, talk of judging a book by its dark cover. Within a short time we seemed like old friends. We went dancing in the hotel’s night club that night and I missed Denzel a lot.

A message from a strange number

Every song reminded me of the many times he had taken me out and watched me dance like the world was about to end. My phone had run out of charge while at the club and I really wanted to hear his voice and tell him I was okay and that I missed him so much. I borrowed Corrine’s phone and went to the wash rooms to call him. He was at home lonely and miserable but I cheered him up by assuring him after that weekend, I would spend all other weekends with him.

The weekend ended well and Corrine’s cousins went back to Nairobi. On the following Wednesday as Denzel and I were watching a movie at his place over many cups of coffee, a message came in his phone. I saw the look on his face and knew something was wrong. “What’s wrong dear, some bad news?” I asked him worriedly.

“No my love, it’s a message from a strange number”

“What is it saying?”

Instead of telling me, he gave me the phone to see with my own eyes……“HI HANDSOME, HOPE YOU ARE OK”. On looking at the number closely, I thought it was familiar…thoroughly familiar. Yes, it was Corrine’s number. She must have saved Denzel’s number after I made a call using her phone. I told Denzel the message was from Corrine and he was surprised. “You gave her my number?’’

About your girlfriend

”No babe, she must have saved it last Saturday after I rang you using her phone. Let me chat with her,” I said. So I replied to the text as if it was Denzel chatting.

ME: I am okay, who is this?

CORRY: I am a secret admirer.

ME: Oooh, Okay. Thanks for admiring me.

CORRY: When are you free, I need to talk to you.

ME: Talk to me, about what?

CORRY: About your girlfriend.

ME: What about my girlfriend? I believe she is okay.

CORRY: Yes she is but she is not the kind of woman you think she is

ME: Really? Please tell me now. I have always suspected that something is not right about her.

CORRY: Let’s meet tomorrow in the evening and I will tell you everything.

ME: Okay where and what time exactly?

CORRY: Castle Royal Hotel…. 6pm.

Me: Done. Good night.

CORRY: Good night handsome.

She had rung him thrice but he wasn’t answering

I showed Denzel the conversation and he said he wasn’t going for that date. There was nothing new he needed to know about me. If I was a murderer, a thief or a lunatic he loved me the way I was. I told him I will pass by there after work just to surprise her and tell her that I was meeting a colleague there for a soda.

Next day after work I sure went to the Hotel and she was seated at the Bar counter with a glass of whisky. She was shocked to see me and asked what I was doing there, I lied to her I was to meet a colleague there but he had cancelled, so I decided to go in take a glass of wine then go home.

With trembling lips, she said that she was waiting for her man. I ordered a glass of wine, downed in quickly, said goodbye to her and left. Outside the hotel I rang Denzel and told him his date was waiting for him. He laughed and told me to meet him at his house. Thirty minutes later, I was with Denzel. She had rung him thrice but he wasn’t answering, finally she texted.

CORRY: Hi. You are not answering my calls. I am already at the Castle Royal Hotel waiting for you.

DENZ: I am sorry dear. I won’t be able to come, held up in a meeting. You can text me whatever it is you know about my girlfriend and then we discuss it more tomorrow.

CORRY: Mmmmm. Okay, it is not something serious. Actually I just want one night with you. I am sure you are a gentleman enough to keep it between us. You don’t have to tell her. You can’t be that dumb, can you?

DENZ: Who are you in the first place, your name?

CORRY: It’s Corrine silly.

DENZ: Damn, okay. You could have said that yesterday. Let’s meet tomorrow then.

The man she is dating is married

I was shocked. I wanted to call her and tell her off. Denzel refused and told me to wait we blast her at the right time. I didn’t want to wait and I made it clear to Denzel that I liked dealing with matters there and then. I wasn’t into rat and mouse games. He insisted that I wait until he met Corrine face to face.

“Why do you want to meet her? It seems you are interested in what she is proposing.”

“Stop being paranoid, do you think I can cheat on you with your best friend? I am not thick Jade kindly don’t disrespect me.”

“She is not my friend. A true friend would not do that. She has stooped so low Denzel”

“At least now you know her type. How long have you known this chick anyway and why would she want to sleep with your boyfriend and she has her own. I am sorry to ask, but did you sleep with her man and maybe she wants to revenge?”

“Do I look like the type who sleeps around with old men or others people’s men, don’t insult my intelligence. You can go ahead and give her the one night stand she wants. I don’t care, but I won’t stand here and have you insult me in such a manner. I’d rather starve sexually than have someone’s husband in my life. The man she is dating is married, I don’t like such chains hanging around my neck,” I said and stormed out of his house.

He replied that I should stop acting like a school girl

I was mad at Corrine for trying to seduce my man behind my back and also for Denzel thinking that she wanted to revenge for what I did to her. I needed some air, I wanted to go to my house and lie on my bed, hold my pillow and cry. How could she do that to me? I wanted to call her and abuse her thoroughly but I didn’t want to act under the heat of that moment. Denzel rang my phone constantly but I didn’t answer. I texted him to stop calling and instead call Corrine they hook up for hell knows what. I was mad to the core of my being.

He replied that I should stop acting like a school girl. He further warned me not to call Corrine regarding the matter, he would handle her. When I reached my house, I dropped my handbag on the floor, jumped on my bed and started to cry. I didn’t even know why I was crying, I just needed to shed some hot tears and feel better. I never bothered to remove my phone from my bag. Damn! I needed a drink to calm my nerves before I bit my pillow into pieces. I kept hitting my bed and wanting it to respond by slapping me back to my senses. Why was I letting people getting into my nerves that way, they were not the air that I breath. I needed to detach myself from crap and just live.

He made sense and I calmed down

Two hours later, my door-bell rang. I ignored it. It rang again and again until I thought it was going to blow. I dragged myself to the door and opened, standing there as handsome as I remembered was Denzel. I let me him but said nothing. He followed me to the bedroom and made me sit close to him on the bed. I knew he was there to lecture me but I wasn’t in the mood for lectures. He looked at me and smiled. That smile melted my heart I swear. This guy had all the charm on his face. He had this baby face that was just so alluring and sweet. I was trapped.

“Jade, I don’t like when you overreact over petty issues. I never behaved in a way to make your friend think that I can sleep with her. I never gave her my number and I am not interested in her. We are not even close; you introduced her to me so you must know her better. I love you and I have no intention of sleeping with anyone else, leave alone your friend. I am here so that you can tell me what you want me to do, or how you want us to handle this issue without you getting emotional and I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. Let’s not get caught up in this stupidity and mess what we already have,” he said with that magic smile.

He made sense and I calmed down a little. I told him it was the first time I was experiencing something like that with a friend.

“Maybe she is jealous of me or not happy that I no longer have time for her and the only way to have me back in her fold is by sleeping with you and destroying our relationship. I hate this Denzel, I really hate interferences in a relationship. I don’t want to fight for love. I want to love and be loved back without war,” I told him.

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