BY Jeddy Gibbs Ohanga

We discussed the issue like two grown-ups and agreed on the way forward. His idea made sense and I agreed to it.

Meanwhile I was to act normal with Corrine so as not to raise any suspicion.  He rang her to apologise for not being able to meet her that evening and that he would make it up to her the next day. Next evening Denzel fixed a date with Corrine at the same place. Once he arrived at the hotel he rang me and pretended to be talking to a colleague.

“Hi Leone sorry I couldn’t honour our meeting this evening, I had a prior meeting scheduled at the Castle Royal Hotel. Let me call you later once I am done here,” he said

“I am on my way. I promise to behave.” I replied and hung up.

From my place to the hotel was a distance of twenty minutes, I flew there like a missile. I walked in and went straight to the counter where they were both seated. Corrine saw me first and jumped out of the high stool she sat on. Denzel looked back and acted surprised to see me.

“What are you both doing here together? Denzel, is this the client you were meeting and Corrine, what are you doing with my boyfriend?” I asked rudely, I really wanted to create chaos but the real me couldn’t allow it; furthermore I had promised Denzel to be a lady.

“I am sorry Jade, I couldn’t tell you the truth until I found out who I was meeting. I didn’t know it was her until I came in,” Denzel said while Corrine stood there like a zombie waiting for me to claw her face.

Corrine! Seriously?

“What do you mean until you knew who it was, what is going on here?” That’s when Denzel removed his phone and opened the thread while I was well aware of all that already. I pretended to be going through it while blocking Corrine’s way in case she decided to escape. I acted shocked, disappointed, sick and disgusted for the first time….yet it was the second time. Funny how reading her messages still pierced my bandaged heart.

“Corrine! Seriously? You were intending to seduce Denzel and sleep with him, but why? Aren’t you the same person who told me to keep away from him because he is too handsome? So in short he is too handsome for me but for you it’s okay. You planned for your man’s associate to embarrass me with uncivilized questions and make Denzel think I am always a flirt.

‘’Look at you; I didn’t know you could stoop too low as to try and sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend. I have thanked you enough for helping me when I was at my lowest, that doesn’t mean that you have to control my life to an extent of wanting to destroy my relationships. I thought you were beyond such crooked behaviour but I guess I was wrong.

‘’And let me tell you something you don’t know yet, I know a lot about you. I have been told a lot of disgusting things about you, but I chose to ignore because you were there when I needed a true friend, but I guess you were just using me. If you meant to break us up so that I can remain in your circle then I am sorry it didn’t work. I am not bi-sexual and I guess that has been eating you up. You have been waiting for me to show or give you a sign, but no, you didn’t see one. You don’t want me to love again because you had your own plans with me. Sorry to disappoint you, I am straight girl. And that marks the end of this friendship.”

“Please Jade, listen to me, I wasn’t actually going to take Denzel to bed but…”

“But nothing Corrine! Whatever you were planning to do to ruin this relationship has backfired. I can never trust you again and I want you to leave us alone please.”

Please learn to respect other people’s relationships

“I love you Jade, please just don’t cut me off like that I am sorry, your friendship means a lot to me. Please I won’t interfere in your lives but I need you as a friend,” she begged and all I wanted was to re-arrange her face.

“Really? True friends don’t backstab, they don’t seduce the others’ lovers, you only text or call my boyfriend with my permission or if you can’t reach me and you have an emergency. What you did is despicable and I can imagine how far you could have gone if Denzel was the easy type. Please learn to respect other people’s relationships. Currently you are dating a married man, and you lied to me that your man was to marry you and he seemed to have changed his mind. Get your own good guy and stick to him and if you are bi-sexual, get a single lesbian or an equally bi-sexual one,” I said and Denzel saw I was almost in tears…..he held me so tightly,’’ trying to ooze the frustration off me.

“It’s okay Jade, you have said enough. You have made your point,” he told me.

He then turned to Corrine; “And you, next time be careful what you do to your friends, not all men are dogs and kindly give Jade some time to cool off. I don’t want to be the reason you lose her as a friend. It will be solely her decision to let go or forgive you and you continue being friends. She has told me how you helped her heal and we appreciate that. Kindly go home now and let me talk to my sweetheart.”

Dejected, Corrine picked up her clutch bag and left with tears running down her cheeks. I felt sorry for her but I couldn’t let her know that. Denzel advised me to stay away from her for some time but not for too long. He told me that forgiving her would be the best thing to do, he was sure she wouldn’t try anything like that again. “I hope she has learnt her lesson and if she is the changing type she will change.” he said.

“I like her a lot and trust me I didn’t expect that of her, but anyway maybe she was driven by her crush for me. Let’s go home and forget what’s happened here, I have a headache” I concluded.

And that is how I almost lost the only woman I ever held close to my heart as a good friend. I truly liked Corrine. I lost the trust but started communicating with her two months after the episode, until three years later when she left for Australia to live with her uncle. But our friendship is for keeps, just like my relationship with Denzel. Truly, not all men are players, some are keepers.


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