By Mwaniki Wa Muriuki

Son of my fathers, where are you

Why am I longing for you with no avail?

Must you be always sought in vain


Daughter of my mother, I am not far away from you

I am just here at your turning and gazing

Don’t look for me in place away from you


Son of my fathers, why then don’t you show up yourself

Where is this place in me that you find your peaceful rest?

Tell me that I may not wander any more like a vagabond

Like a homeless, runaway spirit dispossessed of a host


Son of my fathers, or is it that you look at me and see soot?

The suns of my fathers may have caked me pitch black

Its scorches and burns may have baked me dusky dark

But my brother, am I not with the cocoa colours of the Sahara?

Tell me, am I not with the chocolate beauty of your mothers?


Daughter of my mother, it is not that you are not beautiful

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, awesome and authentic

Marvellous in the colours of my mothers’ beautiful you blossom

Where else would I seek for beauty rather than in your body, my love!?


Daughter of my mother, I am not hiding from you for you are not attractive

I am hiding from you for the fear of defiling this divine beauty with my impurities

I am hiding for the fears of the gods’ punishment against my desiring advances

Goddess of my mother’s land, I want not wars with deities

No being equals their vengeance, no one withstands their calamities


Oh, son of my fathers, now I pity your helplessness

And how I miss your present pleasantness

Come out of your cocoon of fear and be fearless

Free yourself as a bird away of its snare and enjoy passions endless

I am yours to pursue unworried and relentless


Oh, daughter of my mother, now that you have made it clear and asked for me

I am coming out of my hiding to marvel at this beauty without worry

Daughter of my mother, you are so inviolately beautiful

Heavens and earths are full of your beauty’s praises

Why have I been so obsessed with fear to come and merry in this prettiness?


Come on then my king, draw me near you

Let me soak in floods of your lingering longings

Come quick for me, make haste your slowing steps

If this fire of my desires extinguishes

Then, there will be no more sun left to light it up again


I am on my way, Daughter of my mother

Quicker than the flashes of the lightning strikes

Faster than the speed the lights travels with to illuminate

When I reach at your door my queen, I still want to find you dazzling hot

I want to find you still soused, dripping with passions and pleasures


Come my beloved, I have so long longed for you

Your odour is better than the fragrances of perfumes

Better than the scents of petals in summer and spring


I am faster on my way my love; I can’t wait any longer for you

The look of your body is a like a way to the temple, holy and in harmony

The view of you is like a walk-in nature’s seasons, mellifluous and marvellous


You better hurry, son of my father

To touch and fan my burning body cool

With the soft fingers as fanned feathers of Pharaohs

To kiss me with your thirsty tasty breaths, better than wines

To caress me with your nakedness sweeter than honey


Here I have come, my beloved,

Here I am at your court’s door

To bring you seductions and satisfactions

My love, let us then drink and be drunk by passions

Let our pleasures make us clouds that delightfully dances in moon


My lover, my couch is spread with purple and satins, kiss me!

My lover, my bed is made with fur and feathers, caress me!

My lover, my sheets are laid with coverings of cottons, undress me!

I have been long waiting for you, to come we dine and dance

In the songs and sayings of the long-gone love gods


My beloved, and I have arrived whole and ready, hold me!

My beloved, I have come ‘quipped with passions, don’t ever release me!

My hands are longing to feel you-to map you, my lips as my laps, my love!

My beloved, let us waste no more of a minute, let us fall into a deep commune

Of these divine hymns and poems of these who defined, the art of love, making!

© Kĩũra Kabiri. 



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