By Evelyn Ogongo

Eii.. .pinyni! – This world!” Sabina had exclaimed at moonlight “Awuoro! -I wonder!”

Ogwanjo had been in “Narobi” for the last many days: Many days like three seasons and a half. His wife Salome Nya’Kobura had been dry at home in tie bellies of Nyakach. Ogwanjo had given big reasons and small ones about work.

Salome not having seen education full stretch, the son of Nyakach had taken advantage and told her so many untruths ..So unimaginary about work. Today Salome had gone to Alero her neighbour to ask for a phone to call Ogwanjo
“Aloo! Aloo!”
(No answer)
“Aloo! Aloo yawa!”
(No answer) The phone then disconnects.
The generous Alero was today not too generous anyway. She demanded back her phone and claimed that Salome had used all her credit (airtime). She even wanted Salome to pay her Kshs 50.
“But I did not talk!”
“You talked!”
“I did not yawa!”
“You did”

(Ngrrrrrr……..Adhiambooo natimnade Adhiamboooo.. ..!)

What a ringtone! Now who is Adhiambo? Salome asked.
“It is yours nyako- girl! Is this not the number you used?”
” But I am not Adhiambo yawa! I am Salome Okinyo!
“Yaaaayeeee!!!! Gi tielo machwoo piny!(you with thin legs!)
Salome ran for the phone.
“Wuon Atis, father of Atis. It is me Salome-your wife. ”
“Oooh Nyar Kobura! Say..!”
“I say? Eee let me say. Eeeee  wuon Atis.. I was saying….saying…”
“Si you say! You know how work in Narobi is tedious. There is no wasting of time. Talk!”
“I talk? Eee …I will talk. Eeee…I was saying.. when are you coming home Chwora-my husband?”
“Coming home? Ooh December.”
“December again yawa Chwora? Is this not the fourth time you are breaking your promise? And it is March! Eei Chwooraa! Upto December Yawa?!”
“Work… Nyar! This ‘Narobi’ is not small. It is an elephant of toil!”
“But our fence is broken Yawa Wuon Atis. Our fence.. (silence) broken. Don’t we need to fix it? Come! Come even just for a day. Is not one day just enough to repair a broken fence wuon Atis?.
“No wuon Atis. A broken fence cannot stay for this long before it is fixed. What if predators and daters trespass? What if your children, daughters of your wife are consumed by the predators? What if Atis leaves us? Is she not grown? Would we not cry if such growth we have taken years to tend gets swallowed at this time?” Ogwanjo my husband… please come!”
Ogwanjo was both faithfully and sincerely silent. He heard his wife beg him with such tone that almost broke him. Salome begged Ogwanjo in such a manner so womanly with an echo of submission.
“My wife. I heard you. But…..”
“But what again wuon Atis?”
“Nya Kobura, Atoti, toto, jaherana, osiep Ogwanjo, chot wuod Nyakach, supa, Asali, Point I, Salman, abebo lerana, mbasna.. I am coming. Your husband is coming. He is coming home. He is coming to fix the fence. His wife will not be eyed by predators again. BUT…. .”
“But what chot Nya Kobura? What again?”

“Is it raining my wife?”
“When did it rain last? You know I don’t want to work with the rains, but I want to find the earth soft enough to fix the fence.”
“It’s well my husband. It is well. The ground is very good. It fell exactly ten days ago. The earth in Nyakach is soft. When you land here, it will be exactly fourteen days.”

“Jaber.. .prepare me porridge !”

The phone lay desperate on the table as Alero strode in. Her visitor was gone without a word of thank you. Butterflies and beautiful birds ran through her belly. She did not bother to wait for Alero to spoil her mood like she had spoilt earlier quarrelling her over the wasted credit.
“Salome! Salomeeee! Saaa……! This woman is gone? It’s well! Will she not be back here for this same phone?” She spoke pointing at the phone.

It was the thirteenth day.



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