By Mundia Ngumi; Mombasa, Kenya

After working for 23 years for a water company, Kinyua retired 12 years ago.

All his years, Kinyua had brought up his family through very tight budgets. His salary of Shs 15,767 was not enough. His wife would supplement by doing vibaruas and farming at their small farm.

Through thick and thin, the 5 children went through the only public school, and after completing form 4, none proceeded. Today, they are busy in Jua Kali sectors doing all they can to earn a living.

In essence, Kinyua’s family life has not been a bliss.

Recently, Uhuruto government decided to pay off all pending retirees pensions.

Thus, Kinyua earned himself a cheque of Shs 595,645, that was in December 2019.

On 19th December 2019, Kinyua dressed in his faded blue suit and tie, armed himself with his identity card and the cheque and walked 15km to the nearest Equity bank, queued for 45 minutes, and out came a rich Kinyua with Shs 595,645 in hard cash stuffed in Manila paper.

First thing, Kinyua needed to treat himself with 2.5 kg of mixed roasted and boiled meat at Furaha bar and restaurant, and he surely fed himself as such.

Armed with such fullness of the belly, it was his time to drown the meat with limitless Guinness that he had not drunk for years.

As his head was growing mellow from alcohol, he happened to spot a figurely young girl out of the many women of the night seated across. Something in his head told him that that was her, the one who would be the beneficiary of these rare jolly moments.

Her name was Rebecca.

That’s how Kinyuas pension money has been drained for the last 5 months.

On 4th June 2020, Kinyua strode into his compound apologetic and crying……. broke like a silly goat.

His wife Lilian couldn’t hear, see, or feel anything the husband was explaining.

She jumped for the jugular on Kinyua’s neck and clobbered him crazy.

Kinyua is now living homeless on the pavement of Furaha bar and restaurant.

Rebbeca is nowhere to be located.

She ran with what she swallowed.

Pole Sana kinyua, maisha inaendanga hivyo.


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