Be away from folks. The Ghost Of Hitler is calling


By Haruna Birniwa, Jigawa State, Nigeria

You called her virus, l call her a war

Indeed a great war of invisible weapon

War of no gun no sword. Neither atomic weapon

Can eradicate beyond but this arsenal

It conquers the souls of great men, and

Forced to shut shops, travels, sports and office

Not because it was a virus, but for it as a war

The anti-terrorist or the gender equality manifesto,

The anti-racism or feminist manifesto of today

Do you never came across Adolf Hitler’s resurrection?

I knew, you must know that Jesus will be back

And fight against injustice?

We haven’t learnt through Muslim’s scripts

Mahdi shall come and wash away our sin?

Oh God! Yes we are sinners…

This sin was written inside our chests

Let us say prayer and remain indoors, because

All what we have is non for it, and for it,

It has all from us.

See how she sweeps like broom, and indeed the rubbish are we

She knocked, and she knocks at our door. Be away,

Be away from folks. The Ghost Of Hitler is calling

When she calls say no and stay away and safe.

© Haruna Birniwa



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