Today could have been your sixteenth birthday,

Even in your absence you still have been close to me,

Close to my heart and soul,

A special bond still exists between us.


We had a nine months connection,

Nine months of pure love,

Nine months our hearts beat as one,

We were one for nine months.


You were an active fetus,

Always kicking here and there,

We would smile as we felt you play,

You were the strength of our youth.


Then you came over,

Our joy could not be contained,

We cried tears of joy and love,

As we heldthe little, tiny you,

We enfolded you in our arms.


A day after, we were crying,

This time with pain and sorrow,

Your little lungs failed,

We watched you slip away from us.


Not a day passes by without contemplating,

About how life would be if you were around,

Would your favorite dish been spaghetti bolognaise?

It’s been our favorite for years.


Would you be playing base ball or badminton?

Those are the sports your papa and I played,

We were athletes as well as dancers,

I can’t help but wonder what you would have been.


Would you have had his eyes?

My smile and dimples, his hair and my figure,

His intelligence and his valor,

Had his values and humor?


I wish we had more time together,

Time to play, dance and merry,

I’m pretty sure he would have loved

To be your first date, dance and love,

But you were gone too soon.


I hope you are happy wherever you are,

I hope you grow prettier every day,

I hope you smile with us every time we remember you,

I hope and pray that you are in perfect rest and peace.


©Anita W.


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