By Kemboi Victor

By morning the following day I had acquired everything Madam Boswony had demanded of me. I walked to the Transfil Plaza, room 211, Worldwide Internet Company offices few minutes to 9am.  I still couldn’t understand whether I was attending an interview or training but I had my documents with me. It surprised me that I was the first to arrive from the 100 shortlisted candidates Madam Boswony had told me.

I paid the registration fees and entered the hall optimistically smiling.

But where is Madam Boswony, I searched from my seat and realized she was not there. However, that did not worry me for there was an evidence of seats that indicated more people were coming. One candidate after the other started to trickle in and in about an hour, the whole hall was full to the brim.

All this time, on a projection on the wall, except some last thirty minutes that we watched some videos on how millionaires make money online, it was all relevant information about Worldwide Internets Company which surely told me I would be rich and the company was not a fake company. And those videos man, especially on Word Press for writers like me and how people had made money out of it, really encouraged and motivated me. I was going to write more, sell my books through this platform and be rich like Boswony had said. Who could bless Boswony for me surely? I asked myself.

I saw another man walk towards the projection on the wall a moment later and introduced himself as George.

“Good morning guys?” he greeted, smiling and rubbing his fingers proudly. These people with money! I tell you…

“Good morning,” we all responded. I could tell there was desperation in the air from the voices I heard.

“My name is George and may I welcome Madam Boswony, my boss to address us. Let’s put our hands together as she walks to the dais please.”

We all clapped so hard. And then I saw Boswony walk majestically, now in black skirt suit that properly assumed her curves. And you know what; Madam Boswony was blessed with curvy hips and fat buttocks that I felt some warm feelings rolling over me as I watched this bum bum movement and the yellow skin. Never mind anyway, it wasn’t the right time to admire women, I took my mind back to George shortly and saw him shaking hands with her, before he left stage.

“Thank you, thank you.” Madam Boswony’s tongue seemed to have spent time in phonetics class and her pronunciation was appealing to the ears. “Let me first tell you about Worldwide Internets. We are an online business company and we provide opportunities to unemployed youth, stay at home mums, university students and anyone wishing to make money. We are the best platform so far in Kenya and through our platform we have created so many millionaires…Does anyone know who Mr. Nyakundi is?” She asked.

And who didn’t know Mr. Nyakundi, the famous tycoon in our town? I smiled and celebrated in my heart that I was getting near to him.

“With the rising rate of unemployment in our country,” he continued.”I am sure all of us want to make money. We are therefore going to show you how you can beat unemployment and start making income to pay your bills, rent, and invest. I know most of us have gone through hell, visiting so many offices to find jobs unsuccessfully. But at Worldwide, we are determined to help you open your own business…Personally I am a trained teacher but I left service to concentrate on my business,” she said.

If I am not wrong, Boswony was reading my mind. Happiness doubled in my heart and I smiled uncontrollably. This place, I reckoned, was the place I have yearned to come.

“I joined Worldwide six years ago and from then I have been progressing so well. I have built a mansion, bought plots of land, ventured into real estate business and of late, bought a car for myself with the earnings I receive from working here…”

From her computer, the screen projected on the wall, she showed us her great achievements and more people that had succeeded through this platform. Up to now I had not understood how this business worked. But I seriously wanted to be part of it.

Boswony took us through the train for nearly two hours. It was an interesting moment.

Then the part I didn’t want to hear came.

“For you to start the business you need to make a subscription. That goes for Ksh5000 which we shall use to set your online office and purchase you a web hosting domain…”

I didn’t understand what that was but I immediately started thinking how wicked Boswony was that she didn’t tell me all this. I could not even afford a meal in town that day yet she was talking about some figure I was sure would take me weeks or even months to get. Was she mad or a con? I thought. And for that moment, I got mad at her and felt like leaving. I stood up to leave, but realized I was seated in front and I couldn’t squeeze myself out through the now more than one hundred people stuffed together to listen to Boswony. Seeing that, I decided to listen to that now-nonsense talk and leave when space came by. I wished I had not attended that training, I fumed.

I left immediately after the training feeling more stressed than even before I knew Boswony. But as I made my way out, I met Brenda, my university ex classmate just about to enter a restaurant nearby have lunch. She was the Christian Union chairperson at the university and we would worship together at the university chapel every Sunday. Plus, the frequent prayers we conducted every Wednesday at the school hall were often organized by her. If there is anyone that knew the Bible and God, it was Brenda. And now she looked hot, decent and possibly doing better than me.

“What do you do at home Kiprop, you need to be making money,” she said after I had told her I was headed home, where I had spent time from the time we graduated. And before long, she suggested, I think seeing how hungry I was, “I can buy you lunch as we discuss.”

I usually never accepted ladies buying me lunch easily but I was so hungry that time to refuse. Thank God it was Brenda the church girl I knew well.

We entered the restaurant and as we ate she told me the work she was doing in town.

“I work at Worldwide Internets for a living…”

“That con company that just told us to pay five thousand shillings to begin working? What kind of a job do you pay to be employed? You also do this con business?” I asked feeling surprised.

Brenda smiled and spoke.

“Kiprop you should also try it. There are no jobs in Kenya now and if I have made it through this work, who are you fail? Besides, it is easy. You just need to work online with your phone or computer at home or anywhere. The subscription fee you were asked to pay is for the purpose of your platform: a website, and other good things that will be availed to you if you accept to join.”

This was the most confusing moment I had ever gone to in my life. We talked and talked for nearly thirty minutes with Brenda trying so hard to lure me into the business while I refused. I could tell that Brenda was doing well and with the holiness she had in campus, I got convinced that the business wasn’t a scam. Although I didn’t accept to join her, someone in my mind continued to tell me I could be rich, if I joined this business.

“Go think about it Kiprop,” Brenda told me when she realized I was not changing my mind. I promised to communicate with her when I arrived home.


A week later, after thinking and thinking about it, with the help of my mother, I decided to subscribe into Worldwide. Soon I learnt that it was a referral marketing business that required one to recruit prospects into the business, the way Boswony had done to me, in order to earn bonus. Unlike I had thought, Boswony had randomly picked my number from a common Whatsapp group we shared and that had nothing to do with Nyatike. So anyways, I decided to take the risk. Brenda would also encourage me to join them and I felt safe. If she, the ‘pastor’ I knew she was, was in the business, I told myself, it wasn’t a bad idea.

Boswony too promised to help me establish my business. In three weeks or so, she promised, I would have made my first boom. She would also help me in case of difficulties during this moment, she advised.

Eventually I subscribed.

It was hard for me to do the business. It took me nearly a month to earn half the money I had used to subscribe, in form of bonus. Few days later I learned that it was so hard to recruit prospects. Boswony, I had heard was doing well and in three weeks I learnt that she had made nearly thirty thousand shillings for more prospects fell in her dragnet almost daily. I didn’t know what magic she had for on my side I had recruited no one. Brenda was doing well too, but at times she earned no bonus having made no sale. However, she was not making loses like me.

I had almost believed that this business was for ladies only and one day I spoke to Boswony over my losses and she answered: “Kiprop you are very lazy and you complain a lot instead of working. See how I am making money? Seen Brenda?”

That is when I noticed Boswony was done with me the day she got my ksh2000 bonus from my subscription. She had also answered a few others like me and some had left the business.

Earning bonus didn’t come to me nonetheless in the coming days. In fact I didn’t find another prospect that month.

In the second month, the same thing continued to hit me. My online website expired. Yet I had no money to renew it. Madam Boswony had all of a sudden turned against me just like a disaster hits unannounced. She started to tell me to quit because I was being a burden to her, and I was adding no value to her and the company. She said I was not worthy to carry on with that business because of inexperience and laziness…I decided to leave, thinking about the day I knew Boswony first, painfully counting my losses.

I left with all the bitterness. But luckily, I found a job through the Teachers Service Bureau two months later at St. Elizabeth’s Majengo Secondary. How I thanked God for a life suddenly changed! I never expected to see Madam Boswony again in my life. In fact I had seen her twice in town and took off to avoid her. But now, she was here, and I was waiting Mr. Munya and Ms. Linge to come before we started to grill her and the group that was seated out of my office.


We conducted the interview for some short moment and surprisingly Madam Boswony became the best. Like I said earlier, I had resolved not to give her this job but Ms. Linge, after listening to my story and Boswony, suggested we should do the right thing and reward the deserving candidate.

And it came to me: it would be so exciting having someone that used to be above you working under me. A change of rank!

That changed my mind. I should never pay evil with evil; I decided and felt fear leaving me afterwards, especially when I thought how I would be above Boswony this time round. She had to work under me. And well, I never intended to treat her roughly like she had treated me at Worldwide Internets…Good for evil, I decided and announced the results to the interviewees whom had already felt Madam Boswony had fairly taken the job.


© Dec 2019 Kemboi Victor




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