I saw how she was looking at you,

I saw the smiles she was giving you,

I saw how tight she was hugging you,

How content she looked around you.


You said I was hallucinating,

When I expressed my fears to you,

I feared she was gradually falling in love with you,

You dismissed me and called me the jealous type.


I could not watch her take you away from me and do nothing,

You were mine,

Mine to love and keep,

I had to shoo her away from you.


I meant no harm,

I never meant to break your friendship,

I just needed a little bit more of your time,

Cause you spent every second with her.


I will never say I am sorry,

I really I’m not sorry,

I was only protecting what is rightfully mine,

And if I’m guilty of anything,

I’m guilty of loving you.

©Anita W.

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