Hangovers & Heartaches

Hangovers & Heartaches

Sunset… dusk

Then our yearning eyes met

And like infatuated teens

We couldn’t leave each other’s sight


We gazed through soul’s windows

And beheld glittering galaxies

Of shining stars, pulsating planets and mesmerizing moons

Nothing mattered in the whole universe


Why would it? We were it; it was us;

We were the middle of it

As the suns revolved around us


We dined, eating the nectar of life

We laughed and we loved

We wined and danced

The dance of the carefree delinquent

Nothing mattered


We had captured time

It could not move – not while we gazed

Into our eyes – staring at soul’s silent songs


Then the DJ Cosmos played the last number

And in our illicit drunken slumber

Struggled to dance on… hoping

To make our lust last longer


We smooched long and hard

As if the passionate pressure

Would slurp the pleasure into our being


Then it dawned

And the morning light crashed into our consciousness

The music had stopped

The warmth had grown wings

As the morning chill set in


Our eyes had changed

Tired, shifty and distant

And we walked out in confusion

How would we, explain the nagging headache

And the hollow feeling in our core?

Hangovers and heartaches

At dawn’s sunrise.



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