Here, these lovers of off-lights lust

These that at night their thighs greedily thirst

From every unlit lounge they buzz and burst

Like termites after finally, the delayed rainfall

Here in Nairobi’s dark side streets after nightfall

Like rain weeds after a long dry spell

Many and in various sizes: big-small; short-tall

Ages and gauges; shapes and shades they boom, they boom!

Everywhere they blossom; from every corner they bloom

Like springs spill and fill of the once frozen fields

From Koinange, Loita, Mama Ngina to Sheikh Karume , Duruma Streets

River-Road, Racecourse, Ronald Ngala to Kîrînyaga roads

Luthuri, Haile-Selassie, Harambee Avenues………

The nights they occupy to wickedly own, like owls all night they hoot

Like blood bats to the night they whistle and corruptly calls

Like gnats and ants after rains en-masse they occupy the night

Corridors and verandas bereft by these genuine traders and tenders

From everywhere they sprout after darkness

Scanty and skimpy covered, naughty and haughty tongued

Their skin-stretch-marked seducing nude thighs hugely exposed

And salacious artificially extended butts tightly-salivating squeezed

In sizes they come to sell their wicked wares, to haggle and hawk themselves

To those like them are thirsty for one nightstand illicit romps

And the business booming goes on in the canopy of the night

To the wee hours of the divine daybreak light

And the wickedness of the night is quickly concealed

By the streak and stream of this new-born sacred strand of light

Then, the streets are left empty except for the hasty walking working

And the lazily waking soot skinned street urchins


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