Haruna Birniwa


Haruna Birniwa from Jigawa State of Nigeria, spends his academic time reading fiction and crafting his writing career that resulted him a huge failure in his sciences courses but turned him into a great celebrated writer and speaker that as pleased his lecturers among others.

His poetry works are immensely didactic with powerful dialogue and African traditional imagery. He is a critic and manifesto of human race and gender equality. He is working on his debut novel titled Maheesh, which will be released in his native language —— and later in English. The novel includes six songs which will be recorded and turned into musical video album by a professional singer. He can be reached through birniwah@gmail.com



By Haruna Birniwa, Jigawa State, Nigeria You called her virus, l call her a war Indeed a great war of invisible weapon War of no gun no sword. Neither atomic…