I saw how you used to stare at him,

How you used to smile at him,

Saw how you allured him to your bed,

How you saw him secede his own,

Throw them out the street for you to siton the throne,

Saw how you squeezed every coin from his pocket and accounts,

How you threw him out when he could yield no more,

I saw you!

I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at him,

Walking before him scantily dressed, shaking what you think you have,

Giving him your best slutty smiles,

I’ve seen you!

I won’t stand here and watch!

No! Not anymore!

This one is mine,

My one and only,

My beloved and the father of my children,

I will protect him with my very life,

I will not stand and watch you annihilate us,

The way you did others,

I will stop you and tear you down,

Oh you home wrecker!

©Anita W.


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