I gave you my heart wholly,

I didn’t think twice while giving it to you,

I trusted you with it,

Thought you deserved it.


I gave up my all,

My family and friends,

Sacrificed to be with you,

As I walked you down the aisle.


I was blinded by love or so I thought,

Too much to care what you did behind mine back,

Your smile and smooth words soothing my soul,

Making me believe in every word you said.


You took a knife, sharpened it,

Drew it deep in my heart and twisted it,

You cut out my already bleeding heart,

Squeezed it, smashed it,

And trodden upon it with your shoe.


With a broken heart, I watched you walk away,

Walk away from what we had built together,

What took us years to get us this far,

Only for you to take liberty,

To bring itcrumbling down in days.


Had I known you were a con,

A heart breaker,

A Casanova that thought and cared only for himself,

I would not have sacrificed a strand of my hair for you.


Too late for wishful thinking,

Too late to go back to the days of my youth,

You destroyed me day by day,

But slowly, I will rise again,

I will shine in my glory.


Your conniving ways won’t take you far,

And home you are not welcome again,

Was there a home in the first place?

Or was it just a mirage?

Karma will deal with you someday, I swear!

©Anita W.






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