I have done many things,

To be who you think I am,

I have borrowed clothes,

Shoes and handbags,

Money to make my hair and do make up,

You have known me as an outgoing girl,

But honestly,

That’s not me,

I love the quiet of my little house,

I don’t have that kind of money to buy expensive clothes and jewels,

It’s all been an act,

I just didn’t know what to do to win your heart,

Now I can’t do this no more,

I miss being me,

I’m tired of living a double life,

I’m tired of being someone else,

I’m tired of living a lie,

I want you to know me as I really am,

I want you to love me as me,

I want you to see the beauty beneath what you see,

I want to be me,

But if you can’t love me as I truly am,

I’m sorry I have to let you go.

©Anita W.


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