If Tomorrow Fails to Come

If Tomorrow Fails to Come

Dear God,

If Thou decides to take thy soul tonight,

So that I won’t see tomorrow,

My son, whom am so fond,

Oh God of all Might,

Let him not know sorrow.


If he is to know pain,

Please send a little rain,

To wash away his tears,

Send an Angel to carry his fears,

To offer a shoulder on which to lean,

Or better, lend him His wings.


If tonight I join your ethereal abode,

Lord, make me all able,

Rather, make me his Guardian Angel,

When in danger, to forebode,

When he’s hungry I’ll bring him a mango,

So that he’ll never lack food on his table.


But in all earnest I pray Lord,

Take my life when am so worn out and old,

With years gone and my eyes blind,

And the joys of life I can longer find,

Then I’ll pray for tomorrow not to come,

And my son in your hands, he will remain firm.

© Cecy Gaitho



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  1. Mwangi Wa Mwembu

    Well written. Strong subject matter, It’s deep. Keep writing.

  2. Cecy Gaitho

    Thank you Mwangi. I’ll indeed write better and better. Keep it Sebuleni.


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