I have come back home,

Back in your arms,

Back in your heart,

I have come to realize,

That, that’s where I belong,


I left without a warning,

I know the pain I caused you,

I know the tears I made you shed,

I know I broke your heart,

When I chose money over love.


I ran with him, yes,

We had fun, yes,

We went places and dined

With kings and queens,

I never lacked a thing,

Yet there was this one thing I was missing,

This one thing that made me sad

And I cried all the time.


He was not you honey,

He cannot match up to you,

Yes he was sweet and good to me,

But then I didn’t feel the sparks of love

And excitement when around him,

You are what I was missing,


I missed telling you how much I love you,

Showing the whole world how much I cared for you,

Holding your face in my palms,

And looking into your ever smiling eyes,

I missed listening to you talk me to sleep,

I missed every bit and inch of you.


I could not take it anymore,

I had to come back home,

Come back to you,

I hope it’s not too late to say how sorry I am,

To say how I wish I made a wiser choice,

And if this will make any difference,

I wish that you know I never stopped loving you.





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