Too much of anything is poison. He got too much exposure, too early.


[God wipes flies of that without a tail]

By Mundia Ngumi

Gitonga grew up in a relatively wealthy family. When racing komerera [racing] bikes seemed like the Porshe 5.0, those days, Gitonga used to have three of them.

Whenever one of them broke down, Gitonga’s father would buy a new one instead of repairing it.

When cakes, blueband, jam, tinned beans, chocolate and yoghurt was out of reach for everyone, Gitonga would pack them in his school bag and distribute to us freely.

He would narrate to us, TV programs of the previous night and we would listen with our mouths agape.

Good shoes, designer clothes characterised Gitonga.

Everything for this fellow youngster just flowed. He seemed not to have any uphill, only downhills…mteremko….maisha kwagira!

Us, gichagi [rural] boys would stare Gitonga with awe and amazement. I would always wonder how God would bless one village boy and leave others to run with patched vinyasas, all their lives.

Today, I happened to meet Gitonga after about 25 years…what I saw astonished me…he is a distant sorrowful image of who he was.

Whereas I expected Gitonga to be in charge of the sprawling estate of his late father, the guy has eaten, drank and sniffed everything under the sun!

He can hardly comprehend anything.

Comparing with how intimidated we felt then, I looked at myself and gave Lord thanks…He truly wiped flies for us…..and I concluded….

Too much of anything is poison. He got too much exposure, too early.

Therefore, never get scared or intimidated by threats of life…what matters is the finishing line, not starter guns.

Itari muting’oe igiragio ngi ni Ngai.



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