On a naked street, in this harsh Nairobi

With its sunny flames that sadly sears and scalds

In this City in the Sun, once an allure of the Savannah

They have cut all the trees to build their new tall buildings

Leaving its inhabitants to seek solace in inhabitable places

Maybe the filthy dumpsites or sources of stewing sewerage

Or the sweet silent banks of the stinky littered flowing Nairobi River

Does it even really flow? Ah! That is a topic for another day discussion!

Aloof and alone he sat with all his sorrows and sadness scorching him

Watching one injustice spill into another and another…….


A passenger denied his right of choice of transport

A pedestrian robbed his right of way – just a leaping pass

To the other side of the same street on a zebra crossing

A hawker hauled into Kanjù’s van with a sheer brutal heave

His hard-worn wares the toil of his daily sweats spilled all over the sad streets

To be trudged by fellow scampering sellers, fast carelessly driving matatus

And the seeking for safety street gazers, trekkers, tourists and geezers


A tout, a tough hustle, in shouts to earn his daily bread!

Though couth too, in his handling and dealing with innocent customer’s

Suddenly, impounded and harassed by the corrupt navy blue clad

His manhood mishandled in their behind belt demeaning up grip

That he has to walk half-way on land and halfway on acrid air

On the tips of his torn toes to preserve the potent of his future content

It is better to run on bleeding toes than to live without to be outlived!


Then he remembered the injustices of his justice

The sole reason he has found himself in these same sad streets

Streets with injustices, immoralities and animosities

Before, his heart was with confidence in systems and departments

As he stood before the Dispensers of Justice, the pride of his sad State!

He believed in, where the corrupt Protectors of Justice failed

Ah! If one institution fails there should-another be with integrity

After all many in fifty or so million of us never trust them

Not even with their bold logo and motto said to ‘Serve Citizens Indiscriminately!


He fully trusted in these whose coming, their triumphant entry into…….

Into these rooms small, stuffy and filled to overflowing capacity

Is loud announced with ‘All rise!’ as front to the secure bench they march

And once in session the door is secured with a strict note

To the raucous outside ‘silence, seriousness in session!’

He believed to earn his just hearing and favourable ruling


But as all other failed institutions, this too failed him

It dragged him long and strong, up to these streets he has been forced

To call home, house and habitat, his way and his stay-his dear life!

He saw the real face of injustice, boldly and blindly staring at him

As it denied him his worth and his wealth, his health and his struggled earth

In a war with a miraculous might, whose presence and absence are unsaid


He appears and disappears in absentia and in each what he wants he gets away with

His doubted presence strengthened through his school of legal subjects-representatives

These sadistic opportunists who thrive only in subverting the known truth

This town’s strong Ghost owns and earns in absence from here and there,

All over the despondent country-he has amassed his lucky fortunes!

To him ‘the Strong Man in the Mist!’ he has lost his gains and inherited his pains

The struggles to deal with betrayals all around him evident in his sad ending life!



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