Kamene, Mutie’s wife,

I have seen you looking at me work,

I can’t count the number of times,

You visit our home,

Why sudden interest in us?


Kamene, Mutie’s wife,

I’ve heard rumours,

When you were seeking the second,

Even third wife to Mutie,

You were behaving in a similar manner.



I rumour has it you are searching,

For a forth wife for your husband,

I hear you already have a candidate,

You are checking her out.



I am hardworking,

I till, herd, repair our hut, cook and clean,

Yes Kamene,

Work has never killed a soul.


I’m beautiful,

Beautiful and strong,

My strength can only match that of a stallion,

Not your old, frail husband.


If I must be part of your family

Please marry me to your son Mutua,

The village cock,

He says he has never met his match,

Because he hasn’t met me yet.


Please Kamene,

Save your husband and son,

I promise to tame him,

And your husband won’t die of a heart attack.



I’ve heard that you’ve already built a hut,

Please, give it to us,

Your son and I,

Your husband cannot handle any of this.


@Anita W.


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