The group devised a time table for group drinking at home


By Mundia Ngumi

Kinyua is tongue tied this morning. He has been caught squarely like a deer in it’s trap.

Kinyua, whose drinking has always been habitual since he got hired by Kenya Revenue Authority, got into shock when Covid struke. He and company could no more visit beer and choma dens because of lockdowns. They had been closed until further notice.

Kinyua and colleagues discovered other ways and means of continuing with drinking melees uninterrupted. Money had to be spent……

The group devised a time table for group drinking at home. Every evening, the group converged at agreed homes for choma nyama, drink and sleep over.

They have bought clothes and every morning, they refresh and trot to their offices.

Now, Kinyua’s wife is irritated. She has come to the city to look for his husband since he has not been home since Covid struck.

Mrs Kinyua narrates how her husband had managed to convince her that their office was the first to be hit by Covid, and that they had been confined in quarantine, where no phone or visitor is allowed.

Luckily, Mrs kinyua managed to meet Kinyua’s workmate yesterday. She clarified that there had never been a Covid case in their office and that work was normal.

The workmate helped to trace the group yesterday. They were feasting and merry making right here next to our home.

Mrs Kinyua has landed there after curfew at 4.02 am. We can hear her clearly.

She has been giving msomo to Kinyua  from that time until now 11.18 am…. and I hear he has two of them…Nyairofi slay queens…

He has been bashed and laid bare. Hakuna kitu ya Kinyua ambayo hatujui kwa sasa.

Hofu, ni Kama Hawa watu watarudiana….ni kubaya.

Sanitise, muzzle up and keep distance.



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