" Wapi pesa yangu" [Where is my money?’’ he angrily shouted.


By Mundia Ngumi
“Kuja hapa, mkora hii”, [Come here you vagabond] a hoarse voice shouted from behind me.
I could sense urgency and danger. My sixth sense alerted me to be cautious, and I did.
From the corner of my eye, I could see a stocky man walking hastily towards me, obviously trying to catch up with me in the busy human traffic of the day.
I stepped aside, to avoid his bulky hand from catching me from behind. Now that he missed his target, he tripped and fell forward on his bulky stomach. How people are physically unfit!
He snorted and groaned on the ground, he had hurt his knee, for he was struggling to sit up.
“Wewe mjinga sana,” [You very stupid] he continued to curse loudly and uttering unprintable words, all this time looking down at his knee. He is one of the men whom God gave a loud voice.
People started milling around the man to watch this spectacle. Interestingly, I stood there bewildered, watching the same spectacle, too.” Wapi pesa yangu” [Where is my money?’’ he angrily shouted.
What exactly was this man talking about?
Did I even know him, had I ever met him? No!
“Pesa gani?” [What money?] I asked myself internally without uttering a word.
“Kinyanjui, you will refund my money,” He said loudly.
But, alas, I’m not Kinyanjui, and we don’t have even such a name in our family!
He slowly lifted his eyes and met with mine.
“Soli, soli, soli” he mumbled, meaning to say sorry.
“Lakini wewe mzee, una shida gani” [But what is your problem?] I asked him
“Niliona wewe mnafanana na Kinyanjui, soli muno” he responded.
I didn’t enquire, but to me, it appeared to be like a man who had been swimming in money, but had run broke and was running a depression.
Poor man, I sympathized.

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