We live in a modest neighborhood, an upcoming area, a place of future tycoons, considering that Kileleshwa, Vipingo and Kitisuru were once forests occupied by monkeys….and thus is our hope, together with my neighbor Waihenya.

Waihenya is a cool, middle aged guy. He is soft spoken, a good neighbour and loves family, but a guy who loves living big if it were possible.
Recently, he went close to living big.

Around November, last year, Waihenya, hived off a quarter acre from his farm, and within a week construction began.
Little did I know that he had landed a good sale by selling the plot to a desperate Italian settler who is putting up a sophisticated building. (Thanks God the buroti maguta maguta fever -plots we own are gradually appreciating)

Now, Christmas began quite early for my friend Waihenya, and me too.
To start with, he brought me gift, two bottles of sweet wine called Amarula….sweet stuff I tell you! A full turkey and a gift voucher of Sh 2000. Such God sent blessing doesn’t come easy, and my family and I profusely thanked our neighbor and wished them happy holidays.
As usual, I happily saw my friend off, and that’s when I noticed Waihenya was driving a brand new metallic black, Toyota with latest number plates.

‘’Waihenya, is this the new you?! Wow. Don’t tell me you bought this?” I surprisingly asked.
” Well……” Waihenya responded as he pointed with his car keys, the new glory. He unlocked the car, and drove off.

Every day in December has been Christmas, for him.
New clothes for family, fancy bicycles for children, flowing Deras and Manduli top gear for wife, new paint and house repairs and a refurbished gate to match.

For the two weeks commencing December 16th up to January 2nd, my friend crowned it all by hopping from one five star hotel to the next, full board with family.
I would promptly receive picture updates on my WhatsApp account, and for sure I confirmed that was hell of a good holiday anyone would wish.

The last few days have been a bit disturbing for me.
I have received a few WhatsApp messages from my friend Waihenya that I tend not to understand.
He needs Sh 20,000 short term loan….and as I peep through my window, I can’t see the beaming parked Toyota Vx anymore.
Now, that worries me, first, I thought I would park my old Nissan and enjoy a few lifts in this mighty machine, and secondly, how can good money get spent  so fast and end so suddenly.

Rumours have it that the VX was leased at sh 10,000 per day for 25 days. That’s a cool Sh 250,000.
The value of my Nissan is shs 450,000, I can’t comprehend this maths. I’m now tempted to block his number. I think I should, shouldn’t I?



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