Let me study the beauty of creation


By Patrick Ngugi

Is it you? Or my eyes?

Bewitching me?


Anxiety in my heart

Spinning my dazed head

Every time I see you

In the eyes of mind

Every time I stride

Into the inner chamber

Of imagination


Oh how I beseech thee

To lend me thy ears

And listen to my tale!

A tale of discovery


A long time ago

 I knew that hearts could beat

I knew hearts could also race

But little did I know

They could jump in joy

But now I do

Since mine jumps joyfully

Whenever our eyes meet

Giving me dazzling shock

And waves that send my heart abuzz

Electrocuting me

Umpteen numbers of times

By a simple hae … or hi … from you


So – allow me to beg

Lend me your eyes…

 Those angelic eyes

Let me study the beauty of creation

Let me drink in the charm that’s

Deliriously delicious

Sweeter than champagne and wine

Let me dive into them and explore

The hidden treasures in the universe that is you


Finally, lend me thy lips

Those lovely luscious lips

Which seem to desire

To render a sweet secret

That could tightly bind

You and I

©Patrick Ngugi 1502018

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