Myrlie Evers at her husbands funeral, 1963


Come on, you can do this,

You should not stay down when you fall,

Stand up, shake off the dust,

Put a smile on that face and move on,

You are stronger than that,

You’ve gone through worse,

Be strong, be strong,

Be strong for them,

They are looking up to you,

Assure them all will be well,

No! Not anymore,

I’m sick and tired of the same old song,

I’m tired of dancing to the same tune,

Tired of the repeated lyrics,

I’m tired of being strong,

I’m exhausted of being told what to do,

I have to be allowed a moment of weakness,

Let me be me for once,

Let me show the world what lies beneath this strong face,

That little scared me should be known,

I need to be allowed to break down,

Break down and cry my heart out,

Allow someone to hold me in their arms,

Be the one to be protected,

Have someone whispering in my ear that all will be well,

Because they are there,

To be strong for me,

And take charge of the situation.

© Anita W.


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  1. Wairimu

    Get out of my mind….ahahahaha beautiful


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