The agony of loneliness unbearable


By Anita W.

I thought that it’ll be easy,

I thought it’ll cost me nothing,

Little did I know it’ll rob me peace,

The only thing that kept me going,

But I have to let you go.


I thought I’d be happy,

When we go our separate ways,

How wrong was I?

To even dream about it,

But all the same, I have to let you go.


All the special moments shared still vivid,

How did it go sour?

Everything seem to have lost meaning,

Our once joined hands parted ways,

Simply because, I had to let go.


No more sunshine in my life,

No more smiles to brighten my face,

No more knowing glances,

Loneliness is all I now know,

Since I have to let you go.


When will this torture end?

The agony of loneliness unbearable,

But if it makes you happy,

I care enough to give it to you,

I’ll just let you go!

©Anita W.


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