Losioki Somoire

Losioki Somoire is an author, a poet, a researcher, teacher, public speaker and conservationist. He is currently doing research on the future and sustainability of elephants just for his own satisfaction.

He has a great love for poetry and he says that he has been greatly influenced by among others, the American poet, Hughes Langston, but links his poetry with the traditional African poetry.

He was also influenced by H. R. Kulet, Frank Odoi, Wole Soyinka, Patrick Ngugi, Ken Walibora, Chris Wanjala Lukorito and Egara Kabaji as his primary influences, is certainly known for his insightful, colorful portrayal of growing in a Maasai community and life in the twenties in Kenya.

He wrote his first poem, Pulika Sombombi while a Form Two student, at Oloitoktok High School, Kajiado.

He is a compassionate lover of elephants, children, libraries and currently doing his Masters in Comparative Education and International Studies at Moi University.

Email –  losiokisomoire@gmail.com



You are the star-turn of my time And with your star-lit eyes Makes me have you in camped memories And would choose to hand you a star fruit To make…