How can I think straight when you are around me?


By Anita W.

One look in your eyes and I get lost in your gaze,

I see heaven in your eyes,

I swim in the ocean of love there in,

A single embrace and I feel like I have known those arms forever,

And I should leave never,

One kiss and you blow my mind away.


How can I think straight when you are around me?

I’m drunk in your love I can’t deny it,

You stand for everything I love and believe in,

You actually are all that I believe in.


You love me just as I am,

Not once have you asked me to change,

You care for me as you would an infant,

You always look after me,

That I love about you.


You are heaven sent,

I thank God for sending you my way,

How can I live without you by my side?

I wonder how I would have been if I had not met you.


I promise to love you forever,

I promise to leave you never,

I promise to grow old beside you,

I promise to pick you up when you fall,

To be strong for you when you are weak,

I will cherish your love to eternity.

©Anita W


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  1. Kevin

    Sawa madam.. whoever he is he is damn lucky to have you..good choice of words.


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