That was the best moment of your life.


By Anita W.

We stood by and watched jealously,

As you were about to marry,

For you we were happy,

Yet we were feeling somehow empty,

In our renowned singles’ party,

Who would take your place?


We congratulated you,

You had finally made it,

Your dream achieved,

To witness we were happy and thrilled,

That was the best moment of your life.


You were so much in love,

It was written all over your face,

Your joy was finally full,

You held him with pride,

The man of your dream,

The man you truly loved.


We thought you’ve found someone,

To share your life and dreams with,

He thought he had found a drum,

To be beating whenever he feels like,

We thought your happy life has just began,

He thought your miserable life has just begun,

She had just married an imp.


I will not stand and watch you hurt her again,

You wanted an audience?

I’ve given it to you way too long,

Who on earth do you think you are?

She is walking around with a black eye,

If you thought that we will stand and watch you destroy her,

You got it all wrong.


She is the sole provider,

She foots all the bills,

She loves you unconditionally,

Yet you ingrate raises your hand on her,

Not anymore,

You won’t eradicate her as we watch.


You derive pleasure in making her suffer,

You strike her face, and then send her to the kitchen,

To prepare your lazy butt a meal,

If she brings it to you without a smile,

You throw the meal at her face,

Then you top it up with blows.


Do you have any idea how much that food costs?

Of course you don’t,

How could you?  Yet all you do is lazy around the house,

Watch TV and empty the fridge?

And when you feel like working out,

Your wife becomes your punching bag.


Now it’s time someone stands up to you,

You have wrecked and destroyed her enough,

Her pride and self esteem shattered,

Her face is full of burns and scars,

You have made her so hollow inside.


We will pick her up,

We will restore her to her former glory,

We will help heal the scars,

Both internal and external,

We will give her all the love she deserves,

Girlfriends never turn their backs on each other.


As for you,

You will never come any close her,

You had your shot, you blew it,

We are coming for you,

We will destroy and break you,

We will make you know the real meaning of blubbering,

You will wish you were never born,

After we are done with you.


©Anita W.


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