He walked swifty to where Wamilka was sitting milking Nguno,


By Mundia Ngumi

“Ambia mtu wako awache kuharibu manyumba za watu kama hujampatia mapenzi ya kutosha mwambie awachane na mpenzi wangu atafute aliye single”

On finding this SMS in his phone, Kirimu fumed and was breathing fire… At his desk where he worked, Kirimu spent the whole day disturbed. He didn’t respond to any calls. He dealt with customers harshly, that day.
His boss noted the unusual behavior, summoned him in his office, but Kirimu just fumbled a few incomprehensible words and he appeared worked up.
The boss, on realizing that nothing was doing, he released Kirimu to go home early.
Of course, a displinary letter was made for Kirimu to collect the following day.

Kirimu did not stop on the way, but went straight to his home where he found Wamilka, his wife, milking Nguno, a great grade cow.

The home of Kirimu looked vibrant, well made flower lawns, organised structures and the home portrayed a middle class, well doing fella.

Kirimu, on reaching home, he walked swifty to where Wamilka was sitting milking  nguno, and with devious wrath, he kicked Wamilka from the back, sending Wamilka spiraling under  the cow together with the milk.

Wamilka rose up and ran to the house, Kirimu on tow, but Wamilka managed to run into the bathroom and she locked herself in.
Kirimu was breathing fire, “How could you, Wamilka be cheating on me after trusting you so much” he spitted.

Wamilka from inside the bathroom, tried to explain herself,
” I swear I have never cheated you Baba Dan, how? Me? No!
Kwani nani amekwambia?” Wamilka enquired.

Kirimu could hear none of it.

“But I have the message, here” Kirimu said.

Well, Chifu, the area sub chief passed by, heard the commotion and went into Kirimus compound to enquire.  He was narrated the whole story, let out a big hearty laughter and called Kirimu a fool.

“Kirimu, you must be stupid, don’t you know this messages are sent by your enemies, envious people and detractors to mess you up! For they know that if your marriage breaks, your fall ,will be imminent? ”
Kirimu shrank with shame and remorse.
On searching for the number that sent the SMS, it was discovered that the message originated from one of the greatest “false friend ” of Kirimu.

Over to you my friends, who jump at conclusions without investigations.


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