Whisper to me the stories of midnight

When the moon is lonely and all alone at night

Murmur to me the folk tales of the night

When the sounds of the wolves and the owls and the bats

Are the only loud creepers creaking and cracking in the quiet dark night

Sing to me the souls, lyrics of the silent night

When the angel of death is the only beast awake

Walking, wandering the earth from corner to corner

Crafting on life to rob in these odd and dreaded hours of the naked night

Tell me the sumptuous tales and lore of sensual midnight

While beheld tight between your groins and brains in huffing breaths

That I may remember them a tender treasure even tomorrow

When the light is and bright: the sun is shiny and sweet

Whisper to me the expiations of spent midnight

When all is silent and quiet but the moans and groans

Of your questing thirsts, of your savouring feasts

Oh-oh, sigh, sigh sweet in these verges of your satisfied expirations

And I will know forever the broth and breath for your midnight emotions


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