I don’t know what I did

To deserve your attention

Attention that has me glued,

To something bright and beautiful


In the middle of a cold lonely night

I see you as my moonlight,

You keep my path brightly lit

And when my nights get colder,

I open my eyes and I see the light.


It’s cold out here, I want you closer

Come over paint my life afresh

Watching you from afar got me changing moods

like the colors of a rainbow

If I ain’t blue from missing you,

Then I am green from wondering

Who else got your attention

Then I am grey for thinking I’ll never have you

Then suddenly I burn, into a bright beautiful orange ball of  fire,

When waves of your energy come calling


You are my moonlight,

And I’ll keep on wishing,

Wishing on a star,

Wishing that some day

I won’t have to wait for waves of your energy,

But instead,

I will be lost in the source…

Your arms.

©Nimo Kuria


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  1. James

    Such a very beautiful poem, it’s almost as if it was written for me!


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