Overtaken by time. This is a cattle dip, once a beehive of activity.


Saturday was reserved for going to munanda.
Munanda is a cattle dip.
All cows from within and outside the location, trode all the way to the munanda from all the four winds.
It was a great day of exhibiting wealth. Woe to you if you had one or two cows. Wang’ombe had to parade his 67 cows, and one by one they had to do the dive into the dip, before you sluggishly pushed your two cows to the dive.

It was a day to reckon. Nobody was left behind.
We woke up very early. All the boys had to drive their herd to the munanda.
Bulls could lock horns trying to outdo each other, and especially if competing for a cow on heat. It was such a spectacle. And just like that, you were assured of a heifer.
Some girls could also be seen taking their cows for the dive, especially from families that didn’t have matured boys. (and I think that’s where the brave, nonsensical women were made from).

We didn’t know that cows are very good swimmers and divers until we watched the diving parade. It was such a dramatic scene and we, boys agreed that none could swim better than a cow, in the nearby Kagumo river.

Some careless boys would go back home without cows. That is, if cows would mix up with other herds and be led by strangers. It was another big ceremony and task of locating lost cows. Those affected boys could be shown birds of Ng’ethe (beaten to a pulp) by their parents.

On Monday morning, we would meet in school to discuss  vitukos of  the previous munanda day.

What a memorial!



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    I love this piece, taking us down memory lane. Good one Mundia


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