By Nimo Kuria

Nate spent more time on Facebook than it was evident on his profile. He was the anonymous guy with a tree for a profile photo and a scene from some horrific movie for a cover photo. He barely posted anything and his Facebook friends list was limited to people he had met in person. His “last seen’’ was not visible either but he was always online, chatting.

The need for privacy didn’t come by choice, his was a lesson learnt the hard way. Nathan’s elder brother Rodney was a senior officer with the CID department, who mostly worked under cover. Very few people knew what Rodney did for a living, but Nathan was aware that his brother’s nature of work was not only private but highly risky. Rodney had been assigned to the riskiest crimes in town within the course of his career and having an education background in his field from Israel, he was feared by all, both the criminals and fellow officers.

During one of his assignment four years earlier, Rodney had been working undercover to bring down a cartel of drug barons that had their tentacles extended not only in Kenya, but Far East and Europe as well. However, his cover was blown and the cartels swore to kill him. Rodney had laid low and vanished from the public eye, but what followed suit had him resurfacing and fighting for his life and that of his family.

Without as much as a warning, Nathan, his one and only sibling had been attacked in a frenzy of gunfire one night together with his wife and sons.

On the fateful evening, Nathan, his kids and Alya, hiswife of 5 yrs were driving from the hospital where they had taken their second born son who had suddenly come up with uncontrollable bout of fever, thereby needing urgent medical attention.

Luckily, the boy had stabilized and discharged. Focused on driving his family back home fast but safe, Nathan had slowed down at a traffic light along the almost empty highway. He could see a car or twothrough his rear view mirror and when the one right behind him hooted, he cursed and muttered under his breath.

What’s wrong with him?

“What does that person want? Can’t they just overtake and drive through the red light? I am not holding them hostage!”

The driver behind hooted one more time then swerved and leveled with Nathan’s family car.

“What’s wrong with him? “ Alyawondered as they watched him roll down the driver’s window. “Are they in danger?” she asked.

Under the street light Nathan quickly noticed a gun muzzle slowly protrude out the stranger’s car window.

“Get down!” he shouted out in panic to his wife as he did the same, stepped on the gas pedal and his scar skidded forward. All Nathan remembered about that incident were the terrible sounds of gunshots shuttering his car windows, his frightened family screaming for dear life before his head hit something and everything else went blank.

When he came to, he was at the hospital. Miraculously, he and his family were still alive. He had a concussion and his youngest son had broken an arm, rather than that the rest were minor injuries. Apparently he had hit an electric pole, after veering off the road while attempting to flee when the thugs had fired at him.

His car rolled off and landed into a ditch. The thugs fled from the scene immediately and Nathan and his family were rescued by two other motorists who had witnessed the whole incident and called the police.

The ordeal had traumatized Nathan and his family. They had no idea who the attackers were since nothing was stolen from them. The police were doing everything possible to unearth the motive of the crime, and by the time Nathan and his family finally returned home from the hospital, there still were no clues or leads.

“Bro, I need you to get your family out of town asap”

Not once did Nathan ever connect the tragic ordeal to his brother’s nature of work. As much as they were brothers, Rodney confided very little of what he did as a CID officer to his family.

One evening a week after the ordeal Rodney showed up at Nathan’s doorstep totally an unannounced. Nathan assumed his brother had just learnt of the sequence of events. The two had not been in touch for almost a month and since that had happened before; Nathan had had no basis for worry.

“Bro, I need you to get your family out of town asap” Rodney announced as soon as Nathangot the door. “It’s a matter of life and death and you may not survive the next hit.”

“What are you talking about,” a surprised Nathan enquired, “And won’t you come in? Why are you standing outside?’’

“We’ll talk outside. “ Rodney pushed past his brother and flicked off the security light leaving them standing in darkness.

“I need a clear view of the street”. Rodney explained as he pulled his surprised younger brother with him further from the door.

“I know I wasn’t followed here but that doesn’t make this place safe anymore. There is no guarantee they will not go past the security at the main entrance next time. I can also assure you they will not be shooting to miss. Shooting at you and your family was a call for me to resurface; they left you alive because they wanted to Nathan. Next time you won’t be that lucky.”

By this time, Nathan had started putting two and two together.

“Are you telling me you are the reason we were attacked?” Nathan asked.

“Yes. They are after me Nathan. I have so much on them; I was so close to bringing their network down but information slipped out. I don’t know how but these drug cartels always have inside informers”. Rodney explained. “We have our informers from their side as well. That’s how I got to learn that my life was in danger before I fled. And that’s how I learnt you had been attacked“

We are talking about an international drug cartel

“But why me …why my family?” asked Nathan.

“I am sorry Nathan. I always believed I had you covered by keeping my distance. My personal information at the agency is limited to certain personnel’s only.” Rodney explained “But we are talking about an international drug cartel here. And in this age of internet and computer, unearthing my background isn’t rocket science. I’d say that’s how they found you. They must have been following you for a while, for them to have picked a night you were with the entire family on the road was not random. They’ve done their homework.”

“That’s worrying Rodney, more for my wife and children! How sure can I be they won’t find us, where can we possibly go?” an alarmed Nathan lamented.

“I have that taken care of. Only pack what is necessary. “His brother responded. “No clothes, not even your car. Take the necessary documents that you and your family can’t do without. I will be back before day break. My apologies brother, but I promise you that your life will go back to normal. Right now, you and your family’s security is my priority.

The discussion had soon ended and Rodney left. Nathan knew better than to doubt him. He walked back into his house and quietly bolted the door behind him. Alya was dozing on the sofa when he walked up to her.
“You are back I see…. I saw that it was Rodney at the door.’’ She said as she sat up.” Knowing him, I figured you both needed space and you’d probably fill me in later? Is he alright? Has he left?”

“Baby we have to leave town. We have three hours before Rodney comes back for us.” Nathan explained as he extended his hand to help his alarmed wife up on her feet. “Please let me explain everything as we pack. Come let’s go in, where are all the vital documents?  We are only taking what is important”

Nathan first noticed Lucky Kay on a page about ancient Egypt

Nathan explained everything to his bewildered Alya as she quietly did all he asked her to. At 3 am on the dot, they both heard a car pull up at the driveway. Nathan waited at the door as he heard his brothers familiar rapping on the door. The brothers loaded the two sleeping boys in the car as Alya brought out a light bag containing what was important. Nathan gave his home a dejected look as Rodney drove them all away to safety.

It was not until 4 years later that Nathan had gathered the courage to venture back into social media. The feeling of “being watched “had lasted even after his life had seemingly returned to normal.He updated nothing on his page but he chatted in his inbox and commented on topics that intrigued him on public pages and that, is how he met Lucky Beatrice.

Nathan first noticed Lucky Kay on a page about ancient Egypt; she had engaged certain people on a debate regarding the history of a certain king and era. Although a medic by profession, Nathan was passionate about history and he took to trolling her comments such that he was soon arguing and debating with her .The two continued “bumping into each other “on comments until one day, they argued and differed on a fact regarding archeological findings in ancient Greek. The argument had spilled into their inboxes bombarding each other with facts and finding.

At the back of Nathan’s mind, he didn’t expect much to come out of their interesting history relationship. He was a happily married man. The ordeal that had befallen his family through his brother had changed a lot of things. Though Rodney and his agency had cracked the case and brought the culprits to book within seven months, a lot had been altered.

Nathan had come back to the city and moved into a studio apartment in a quiet neighborhood as soon as his wife and children had settled in a remote side of the country. This was during their “hiding period”. They had put up their house for sale and had plans to buy another in a different location at a later date.

To his surprise, his wife had a new nanny

His wife had been a housewife but a teacher by profession. Within the seven moths she had decided to follow her career path and acquired a job as a primary school teacher. By the time dust had settled, she had fallen in love with the country side life and made it clear to her husband that she was settling.

Though the coupled differed strongly with her decision, Nathan soon adjusted to having his family live far away from him. He drove home every weekend and public holiday but somehow “his lonely nights” had soon led him to bed with two different women. In the beginning the guilt of his infidelity had eaten him up so badly that for a whole month he deliberately refused to go visit his family.

When he eventually manned up and showed up unannounced, his wife had been away to a special work related event. To his surprise, his wife had a new nanny. The girl did recognize Nathan, probably from the pictures but she was quick to mention that the Mrs. had gone to an event with Uncle Mark. Nathan had enquired further.

He learnt that Uncle Mark frequently visited his home and would chauffer his wife around. Nathan had waited for his wife to return home and a fight erupted between them which led him to storming out and driving back to the city in the night. Though the issue was never amicably solved, his marriage had survived the ordeal but Nathan used the particular episode to justify what he termed as his “casual infidelities”.

And now here was Lucky Kay, a girl who seemed to send a certain vibe and energy through her texts. They never flirted once, but Nathan had developed a strong lustful need for Lucky. They became Facebook friends and going through photos, Nathan decided to ask this intelligent beauty who shared his passion for history for a date. It was going to be a sex date no matter the cost, he planned to permanently ghost on her after that. And although he expected her to criticize his sketchy Facebook profile or at least ask for a picture of him, Lucky never did. She seemed completely comfortable chatting with a faceless Nathan.

He murmured to himself how lucky he was to get Lucky

“Hey Lucky, say we go to the museum this weekend? Are you free? “Nathan had texted. He didn’t know if Lucky was married or not.

But what does it matter, we will have a beautiful day that ends with sex. She can go back to her husband if she has one.He convinced himself with a smile.

“Saturday afternoon ok with you?” she had texted back and Nathan confirmed on the affirmative.

He murmured to himself how lucky he was to get Lucky over the weekend then added.  I’ll block her after that and will vanish from her life.

They hadn’t flirted after that either. Friday evening came, Nathan requested for her cell phone number which she gave without a fuss.

Strange girl… Nathan thought or maybe she wants me as badly as I want her.

“Can I call you right now?” he text.

“Ok.” She responded.

He dialed her number and the tone of her voice got him thinking of the extraordinary things he wanted to do with her body.

“I am glad to finally hear your voice,’’ She cooed jokingly. “May I now put a face It?’’

“But of course….video call?’’ A delighted Nathan queried.

“Fine by me“Lucky replied.

He knew he was a natural eye candy to the female creation

They both hanged up and Nathan made the video call. An even more delighted Nathan went on to compliment her on her looks. Lucky wore a hood and seemed abit too relaxed as compared to Nathan. She talked to Nathan as if they’d always known each other, happy easy calm and collected. On the other hand, Nathan was losing his mind over her…why was he so excited? Wasn’t she feeling the same energy he felt? Nathan could swear it was two way but Lucky gave no such indication. She might have well been happy to have reconnected with her long lost brother.

After the Skype episode, Nathan concluded:” she is playing hard to get. She will be in my arms tomorrow. And that is a promise she had better take to the bank.”

Saturday afternoon did come. Nathan felt as great as he looked. He knew he was a natural eye candy to the female creation which he had learnt to live with. Tall dark handsome with a physic that told of hours well put to use in the gym. He had a dashing white smile that he rarely let show, but not today.

He was in communication with Lucky and as the cab wound to a top at the museum parking lot, he dashed to open the door.

He took “his lady” by the arm and slightly brushed his lips at the back of her hand.

“Welcome ma’am,” he cooed romantically, as he took a bow “I look forward to enjoying your company for the rest of the afternoon.”

Lucky burst out into laughter. Nathan couldn’t tell if his “gentleman attempt“ gave a reason to laugh or not. But there was no malice in her laughter. She sounded happy, for whatever reasons.

“Thank you Nathan” she responded. “I look forward to enjoying your company as well.

I am not here to fulfill your sexual fantasies

“May I?” Nathan requested as he offered his arm for Lucky to tag along. Lucky did and the happy couple headed into the museum.

Nathan was aware of the attention he was creating with the ladies, but he was glued to the woman under his arm. The magnetic pull between them seemed to have been stirring at something in his heart of hearts. Lucky was a pretty petite woman with a dashy smile, a happy soul and a hearty laughter. Then there were her eyes, though huge and innocent, Nathan felt as though Lucky could see right through him.

What he felt was undeniable; it was lust that was burning every ounce in him yet the object of his desire seemed to leave no window open for him to convey his intentions. He had no idea what was holding him back, but throughout the entire visit at the museum Nathan felt caged. He wanted to veer the conversation towards expressing his need with every word, but Lucky seemed lost into enjoying the visit. She either was too dumb to decode his many phrases or she was giving his passes a complete deaf ear.

When they had seen everything there was to see, Nathan suggested that they head off to a certain restaurant for lunch. Lucky stopped and stood upright in front of him holding both his hands.

“Listen Nathan,’’ she started looking straight into his eyes. “ I am not here to fulfill your sexual fantasies. I will be blunt with you. We can go for lunch as friends or you can go your way. I am aware of the energy between us, but I did hope we can turn it into something workable…like friendship.”

That little speech took Nathan totally by surprise.

“Wait Lucky, did you say my sexual fantasies? “ He defended himself, lying. ‘’I don’t think that’s polite. I just met you, have I said anything to suggest that…”

Lucky cut him short, “Nathan, I am not going to go back and forth with you on this one. You came here with the intention of having sex with me and then walk away. I can understand that,   you are married. But that’s not even the issue here; I have to let you know that I only want friendship from you. If that won’t work with you, leave now otherwise you will get disappointed.”

Nathan pulled his hands away from hers,

“Hey lady look here, “he replied angrily,” I just met you today. I don’t understand why we are having issues. All I did is treat you like lady. I didn’t say I wanted to have sex with you. I suppose you don’t appreciate being appreciated like I did you today.”

Lucky chuckled which agitated him further.

“Nathan, I have to leave now,” She responded. “Think about what I said, I’d really like to be your friend, without sexual benefits and if that makes sense to you, call me.”

Nathan was about to support his boiling anger with more words but Lucky made a wave with her hand to indicate she was done, then turned around and left.

Nathan took a deep angry breath and stormed to his car.

Look out for Part Two, only in SEBULENI


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