By Nimo Kuria

Nathan seethed in anger all evening, how could a well-planned date go south so suddenly? Who did Lucky think she was? At the back of his mind, he knew she was right, but so what? Couldn’t she go with the flow? Did she have to be so blunt? And why was she still on his mind? He wondered.

As far as he could recall, they had not divulged on their personal l life. How did Lucky know he was married? Who was she? Was she another spy rising from the ashes of what had be fallen his family years back?

That evening, Nathan went through their text conversation from the beginning, from what he could see, he had been the one who initiated the conversation, it didn’t seem like she was trolling him. In fact, he had been the troll.

“This is strange”, he thought,” She was correct regarding my intentions for her as well. I haven’t talked to anyone about her, how did she find out? I guess I’ll just ignore her, block her on all social media platforms including her cell number and let go. That’s what I will do.”

Nathan logged into Facebook and went straight to her profile. There she was looking happy with her friends in some freshly posted pictures.

“You can’t be serious Lucky” He thought angrily.” So you mess up with our date just to hang out with your buddies, was that your plan all along?”

Nathan found himself texting her.

“Hey,let me know when you get home.” He watched the delivery report come through and instantly felt like a classic idiot.

Lucky had said hello and walked right past the kitchen

A text came in. It was her.

“Friends?”Nathan felt his heart leap a beat.

“Yes. Friends.” he texted back and suddenly felt relaxed.

Nathan and Lucky had eventually formed a beautiful friendship. They’d hang out together whenever they were free. Nothing sexual, butNathan still hoped.

On one public holiday, Nathan had not travelled to see his family because he was working the next day. As their bond strengthened, Nathan had with time invited Lucky to his studio apartment. On this particular day he was going to make them lunch then the two were going to take an afternoon drive to the national park. Lucky arrived at Nathan’s when he was about to lay out the table. He was excited to see her as always but on this day Lucky looked rather apprehensive.

Lucky had said hello and walked right past the kitchen to the back. She stood there staring at an incomplete structure of upcoming apartments that were next to where Nathan lived. Nathan followed suit.

“Looking at anything in particular?” he asked as he too stared at the storey unfinished structure.

Lucky pointed out with her hand, “See there, third floor. We must get there quick!”

“Lucky what are you talking about?  What do you want in there? Have you seen something? What’s going on in that mind of yours?“A perplexed Nathan enquired. “Come back in; let’s have lunch as you tell me all about it.”

You and I will not make it alive through lunch

“Nathan listen to me,” A pensive Lucky stated. “You and I will not make it alive through lunch. They are already here; they are watching your house. They want you dead.”

“Wait now Lucky,”Pointed out Nathan. “ I don’t like what you are saying. Who are you talking about? What do you know? Can you explain please?”

“We don’t have time! They tried to kill you before, right? This time they will not miss if you don’t move ahead of time.” Lucky stated with a no nonsense tone of voice.

“Who are you Lucky? I’ve never told you about anyone trying to kill me, how did you find out? Are you one of them? What do you know about me? Nathanasked.

‘’Are we moving or not?!” Lucky blurted out. “I am not going to die here, and neither should you. Ask me all those questions later.”

Something in Nathanurged him that she meant every word. She had stated that they could not use the front door because “they were watching”. His mind moved fast and they were soon jumping over the fence and making their way up the stairs in the incomplete building structure. He followed her instructions and they got to third floor. From where they hid they had a perfect view of her apartment.

“Do you know about my brother? “ Nathanqueried.

“No, you have a brother?” Lucky responded.

“Then how did you find out about my past, the attempt to kill me?” A suspicious Nathan asked.

“You have a third eye or something?“

“Nathan, I have to tell you something about me. I have a natural ability to see things before they happen. And I don’t see everything, just some things. Things that concern people I am close to, especially if they are in danger. “Lucky explained. “The only thing I saw was you being attacked in the past, I saw the same people doing it again. Only this time, they were surrounding your house. The attack happened when we were having lunch. “

“You have a third eye or something?“AskedNathan.

“A third eye?What Isthat?” An amused Lucky enquired.

“Well you can see things others can’t see with their two eyes. That’s not normal, you have a third eye.”

Lucky chuckled. “That’s absurd, I have only two eyes.”

“Soyour knowing things in advance mean you can control fate?” Nathan asked.

“If you say so.”Responded Lucky. “But it’s not as easy, sometimes I have no idea what to do.”

“Did we die in your vision?” Nathan asked after a brief silence.

“No, we observed the police fight the hit men from up here, I saw us in this very building structure on third floor.” Lucky explained. “The hit men were killed.”

“Did you say the police? That means I must call my brother now!”

Nathan called Rodney and told him there were hit men watching his house. Rodney didn’t argue, he assured him help was on the way. But asked if Nathan was safe, Nathan told him where he was hiding with a friend of his.

They were soon breaking the kitchen door

It wasn’t long before a loud crash came from Nathan’s apartment. They had locked all doors before they escaped over the wall. Nathan and Lucky assumed the hit men had forced themselves through the back door, and they were right.

They would soon observe two masked figures frantically searching through the apartment. They had broken both the bedroom and the bathroom door. They were soon breaking the kitchen door.

Nathan and Lucky retreated from view as the twohit men tried to figure out if they had escaped or were still hiding in the apartment.  The two masked men walked back indoors and Nathan and Lucky could hear things break. They were probably searching through the house one more time.

“I hope they don’t figure out we jumped over the wall” Nathan observed, his heart had sank at the thought of what would have befallen them had Lucky no warned him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Came the sound of gunshots from the house.

“Nathan the police are here!” A relieved Lucky exclaimed.

“Those are not just policemen Lucky, those are special branch officers, they shoot to kill.” Nathanresponded, ”My brother must be one of them. The hit men who tried to kill me and my family the first time were trying to get at him. For all I know the case was cracked and suspects brought to book, I have no idea what’s going on.”

Soon Rodney called Nathan and assured him all was well. The two hit men were dead.

A month after the incident, Nathan had moved out yet to another side of the city. His brother and his agency had been able to get to the bottom of the matter. Apparently one of the arrested drug barons had hired the hit men through his connections right from jail. The situation was once more put under control.

Rodney had invited both Lucky and Nathan for drinks

Rodney had invited both Lucky and Nathan for drinks two weekends at a row. Nathan knew his brother too well, although his senior and unmarried, it appeared to him that Rodney had taken a deeper liking unto Lucky.

An impromptu visit by his brother one evening would confirm his suspicions.

“Nathan… about Lucky,”Rodney had asked, “You aren’t cheating on your wife, are you?”

“Hey man, you investigating my personal life now?” Nathan curtly responded. “Why do you ask?”

“Nathan Lucky is not married,right? “ Rodney asked, “Aren’t you way too close for a casual acquaintance?

Nathan had not taken the inquisition lightly and though he made it clear that he wasn’t having a romantic affair with Lucky, he warned his brother to keep off his personal business.

“LookNathan, I like Lucky” Rodney explained. “She already knows about me and what I do. I am single, she is single…but you are married. Relax. You two can still be friends. And besides, she might be of help, if she “can see things”she might be the exact person I need in my line of work. It’s a double win for me.”

“Double win for you??? “ An angry Nathan thundered “So to you Lucky is just an object to use in solving your criminalcases? How selfish! And besides, your idea is too farfetched. I know Lucky too well, her“third eye” only operates with people she is close to. There’s got to be an energy merge of sorts. That girl had a crush on me Rodney, that’s how all this started. We had an energy connection. You two don’t!”

“Nathanare you sure you are not in love with Lucky? “Asked Rodney.“You are suddenly protective of her, very protective. I am your brother for heaven’s sakes, open up Nathan.”

Nathan stood up and showed his brother to the door.

Was his brother right? Was he in love with Lucky?

“It’s time for you to leave Rodney” he stated. “And keep away from Lucky for both our sakes.”

Rodney stood up unperturbed by his brother’s bouts of anger.

“I’ll leave Nathan, but unless you admit you are in love with her, don’t count on me to keep my distance”

Nathan slammed the door after him, walked back and poured himself a half glass of vodka. He swallowed it dry and in two gulps.

Was his brother right? Was he in love with Lucky?  He wondered.

“I have no intention of breaking my marriage despite the trials we’ve been through, then why am I so attached to this girl? Shouldn’t I let Rodney be? Do I have a right to stop him?” he asked unto himself.

The mere thought of Lucky in anotherman’s arms sent a pang of something ugly at the bottom of his soul. The jealous feeling engulfed him so hard he knew without a doubt he’d lose control should that happen. It didn’t matter if the man in question was his blood brother, his only brother.

Nathan had a long week ahead. Lucky was busy for the weekend. She was attending one of her friend’s wedding. Nathan could not accompany her because he was travelling upcountry to be with his family. He was certain that she and Rodney had not exchanged contacts, but what if Rodney went out searching for her and found her?

He went through the week like an emotional time bomb waiting to explode. He didn’t say a word to Lucky regarding what was eating him up. When he drove back to the city on Monday morning, he called her and asked if they could have lunch. Lucky declined, she was having a crazy Monday in the office and that she’d rather eat from her desk.

A text came through. It was from Lucky.

“I’ll catch up with you later this evening “she had explained, “There’s something I need to say to you.”

That phrase had left Nathanfeeling worse than he already was.

“Isit about Rodney?” he found himself asking.

“YesNathan, you and your brother Rodney” Lucky responded.

“Has he been over to see you?’ Nathan asked.

“No not at all.” Responded Lucky,“Nathan, I need to get off the phone, please.”

“Ok then, call me as soon as you get home.” Nathan answered as they both hung up.

So if Rodney hadn’t been to see her, what was this she referred to as “you and your brother Rodney?’’ Nathan wondered. Did she already know?

A text came through. It was from Lucky.

“Now that we are on this topic, I will say it to you. I have no intention of getting between you and your brother. I have to move on with my life. You two move on with yours. My assignment in your life is complete. Thank you for being my one true friend. All the best.


Nathan tried calling her but she had immediately blacklisted his number. She blocked him in all social media platforms. Nathan knew deep in his heart there was no use in pushing her any further. Lucky was gone, out of his life and Rodney’slife, gone to go.

Did it mean she already knew of Rodney’s intentions? Of Nathan’s true feelings? Did she know of the two brothers’ fight over her?

He figured he’d never know.

He put his phone down and purposed to focus on his life and marriage.

“Goodbye Lucky with “The ThirdEye”….maybe, just maybe…our paths will cross gain in these streets of life.” He mumbled.



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