It all began with the fears of the unknown,

While being overconfident in my future.

Here I was ready to tackle the world and grab it by its old horns.

But again, all this confidence was like a cloak around my fear.


As I sat on the brunch table of life,

Enjoying my meals with a big spoon, my fears walks in and asks if they could join me,

And with my beautiful cloak around me,

I offer them a big spoon and they place their spoon next to me and

We continue with our happy meal.


Here we were again, about to sit on the dinner table.

But alas, the spoon I am holding is a tiny spoon, while my fears are holding the bigger spoon.

Where is my big spoon I ask my fears? They look at me laughing aloud,

And say “which big spoon, don’t you remember us exchanging?”

They continue to laugh as they enjoy “our” meal.

As I proceed to watch with my eyes closed.


When did fear take over my table, and even use my spoon to eat?

I need to eat my last meal on my table before they finish it.

Before they stop serving more food.

Before they clear the table.

This small spoon is too small.


I want my big spoon back.

(c) Lilian Wairimu


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